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Mali Lošinj

A magical blend of health, gastronomy, culture, and the fragrances of the archipelago

Why visit?

Mild climate, rich biodiversity, pleasant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. These are just some of the epithets thanks to which the Lošinj archipelago has positioned itself on the world market as the Island of Vitality. The tradition of health tourism for over 125 years is an important segment of the offer. The combination of the scents of dense pine forest, medicinal herbs, and sea aerosols create a unique outdoor aromatherapy.
High-quality sea water and top-quality air, with more than 200 sunny days a year and 1018 plant species, make Mali Lošinj an aromatherapy centre and a modern, ecologically aware, destination of vitality and health tourism. Discover more about a green holiday in Mali Lošinj.

Culture & Local Life

Almost uninhabited until the middle of the 13th century, Lošinj developed into one of the leading regional naval powers by the 19th century, and the town of Mali Lošinj was the second most important port on the Adriatic. The people of Lošinj were valued for their skill in making sailing ships, but also as the best sailors in the Mediterranean. That is why it is not surprising that the Lošinj Sails Festival around the world is held on Lošinj in September, dedicated to the century-old maritime tradition. On the other hand, tourism and island customs (carnival, maritime evenings, emigrant days, commemoration of the patron saint of the place and the island) are the main features of the locals.

Image © Sandro Tariba

Getting There

An eco-friendly way to arrive at Mali Lošinj is to travel to a nearby port via public transport and then to take a ferry across. Croatia is connected with Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other countries by international bus routes. Arriva runs buses to nearby ports, and even runs buses to Mali Lošinj itself from Zagreb and Rijeka. From the mainland to island of Krk (Valbiska) you pass the bridge and then take a ferry to island of Cres Merag (Lošinj). There is another connection from the mainland (Istra – Brestova) with the ferry to Cres (Porozina). You can also travel by train to Pula or Rijeka, and then from both destinations take the catamaran line direct to the center of Mali Lošinj.

Getting Around

As for how to move around during your Green Holiday in Mali Lošinj, the answer is certainly by bike. There are plenty of places to rent a bike and everywhere is within walking distances. If you want to venture further, the bus station is near the ferry port and daily buses run from Veli Lošinj to Punta Križa on the island Cres, stopping at most of the smallest villages on Lošinj on the way. Buses from Mali Lošinj to the mainland also call at the other island towns.


Nature & Wildlife

Thanks to the rich biodiversity of medicinal plants and essential oils, the archipelago is an aromatherapy center. In addition to the rich flora, the island of vitality boasts a dolphin reserve of more than 200 individuals, and 280 km of fragrant promenades and hiking trails and numerous beaches and hidden coves are ideal for sports and adrenaline activities. On Lošinj, discover smaller biodiverse places and the surrounding islands, the pearls of the Lošinj archipelago.

Image © Antonio Pavela


The balance between tourism development and quality in each destination segment creates the image of a successful destination that makes a great effort to maintain the satisfaction of residents with the tourism development, while ensuring the satisfaction of visitors with the quality of their stay. Measuring all the relevant destination indicators through ETIS project, we try to implement them in the policy-making process.

Good Travel Tips

Hottest tips from GTG editors
Green holiday in Mali Lošinj

Experience Dolphin watching tour

In the picturesque fishing village of Veli Losinj in the south of the island, lies the Blue World – Institute for Marine Research and Protection. It is no coincidence that this center is located on Lošinj, given that its waters are home to 200 bottlenose dolphins that always delight residents and visitors to the island. Sometimes the dolphins visit Lošinj and greet excursion boats and other vessels. But to make sure you can really see them, the Institute has organized a Dolphin Watching Tour. On a small boat in the company of a skipper you go to the open sea in search of dolphins for a maximum of 3 hours. If you do not see them, you have the opportunity to go for free once again. Not only will you learn a lot about these wonderful creatures, but you will also have the opportunity to see how should you behave around them. This experience is definitely not to be missed during your green holiday in Mali Lošinj.

Green holiday in Mali Lošinj

Enjoy Lošinj Sails Around the World Festival

The idea to create this kind of festival originated from the desire for preservation, revitalization, and tourist valorization of the maritime heritage. We do this through the revival and presentation of the historical and cultural heritage of Lošinj maritime affairs, which lived its golden age from 1853 to 1884. During the Festival, all interested will get an insight into the rich maritime heritage of Lošinj, through regattas, folklore performances, concerts, maritime evenings where old crafts are presented, the gastronomic delicacies of the island of Lošinj, education, and lectures. On our tourist and marketing campaigns, we promote Lošinj as a destination of ‘revived maritime history’ hitherto unknown to the general public.

Green holiday in Mali Lošinj

Hike and Bike in Mali Lošinj

The best way to enjoy a green holiday in Mali Lošinj is by walking, cycling, or hiking. The Promenades and Footpaths brochure, available in tourist offices, agencies, etc., has maps of 250 km of trails covering all of Lošinj and a small part of Cres, with accurate walking times. Televrin, at 588 m high, is the highest peak of the 10 km long Osoršćica mountain ridge and provides spectacular views of the coast and forests. It can be reached by several walking trails and by a challenging cycling trail starting at the Preko Mosta campsite in the village of Osor. There is also a coastal path from Mali Lošinj to Čikat, passing through Čikat Forest Park.

Green holiday in Mali Lošinj

Visit Museum of Apoxyomenos

The Museum of Apoxyomenos is a unique archaeological and architectural cultural institution in our region and it is entirely dedicated to only one exhibit – the bronze statue of a young athlete, the Apoxyomenos. The statue was discovered in 1997 by a Belgian tourist at the depth of 45 m. In 1999, it was taken out of the sea where it spent nearly two millennia. The Museum of Apoxyomenos and its exhibition represent the spatial materialisation of the ceremony of passing through various rooms and halls on the way to the sculpture. The architecturally shaped body of the new museum has been inserted into a space defined by the exterior walls and the roof of the existing Kvarner Palace. The Museum was opened in April 2016 and it is open all year round.

Sustainability Recognitions & Certifications

2021 Top 100 Logo


Mali Lošinj was selected in  2020 and 2021 as one of Top 100

Green Destination  Stories Competition.

GD Silver Award 2019


As part of the Global Green Destinations Days held on Lošinj in 2019, Mali Lošinj received a silver award for its efforts in sustainable development. Lošinj is considered a long-term sustainable destination that brings together natural beauty and preserved landscape with the quality of life on the island.

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