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A nature destination with a UNESCO MaB label

Why visit Hiiumaa

Islands are special and so is Hiiumaa. A nature destination, situated in the Baltic Sea, neither large nor small but just perfect for an escape from your daily routines. Tourism is integrated into local life and you will find neither huge tourist resorts nor overcrowded beaches at this green holiday destination. Everything here is authentic and in harmony with nature. That’s why we have proudly earned the title of UNESCO biosphere reserve “Man and Biosphere (MaB)” – sustainable over 30 years.
We welcome you to enjoy wildlife in our ancient and peaceful forests. There are many hiking routes in different parts of the island. You can also take part in our outdoor music festivals or enjoy sunrises and sunsets at natural beaches and small harbours. There are stunning 360º views from our historic lighthouses.
Our island has numerous stories and legends about its colourful history under the rule of Sweden, Germany and Russia. All this is waiting to be discovered at Hiiumaa along with the island’s fresh local food and beverage. Read further to find out about a green holiday in Hiiumaa.

Hiiumaa is an island with unspoilt nature and authentic traditions, just one hour’s ferry trip away from the mainland.

Hiiumaa along with other West-Estonia islands are part of a UNESCO biosphere program area “Man and Biosphere”, meaning that islanders have lived sustainably in harmony with nature for hundreds of years.

Culture & Local Life

Hiiumaa is ideal for self guided tours on your green holiday. It has interesting sites for history, culture, architecture, military history or lighthouse fans, including the much admired Kõpu lighthouse. This is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world, dating back to the 16th century.
Our festivals are special. They encompass small and environmentally friendly outdoor events like the Ice Fish Festival in February and the Windfish Festival in May. There are also summer music festivals of jazz, chamber, folk and club music.
Green Holiday in Hiiumaa

Getting there

By car and ferry : First head towards the western coast of Estonia to Haapsalu and Rohuküla harbour, where you take a one hour ferry ride to Hiiumaa island.
By bus and ferry: There is a public bus service from Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) to the island twice a day. The journey, including the ferry ride, takes about four hours and costs less than 15 euros.
By boat: Around the island there are four main guest marinas and many smaller harbours waiting for visitors arriving by boat.
There are also regular domestic flights from Tallinn airport to Kärdla. It takes about 30 minutes on a 16 seat jet to reach the island.

Green Holiday in Hiiumaa

Getting around

Transport on the island is as environmentally friendly as possible. Public transport and parking are free and traffic volumes are very low.
The best way to enjoy your green holiday in Hiiumaa is to get around by bike and to enjoy the trip with all your senses – the fresh air, views, colours, smells and numerous resting places are all waiting.

Nature & Wildlife

Equally loved by surfers, sailors, hikers and nature lovers, Hiiumaa is great for those looking for peace and quiet. With strong marine, coastal and inland ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, Hiiumaa offers a wide range of experiences.
Green Holiday in Hiiumaa

Where to stay

Accommodation on the island includes friendly guest-houses, peaceful holiday homes, holiday apartments and small hotels.

Choose the suitable ones from this website: Hiiumaa accomodation

Green Holiday in Hiiumaa

Good Practice Story

Biodiversity on the island is rich and suitable for many endangered species. For years American mink threatened the small remaining populations of European mink in Europe. Due to a well organised long-term project, Estonia has reintroduced a wild population of European mink at Hiiumaa.

Fundamental to the project’s success was the involvement of local stakeholders, as well as local publicity.

Sustainability Recognition

2021 Top 100 Logo
Hiiumaa was selected in the 2021
Sustainable Destinations Top 100

What does it mean?

  1. They have shown at least 60% compliance with the Green Destinations Core Criteria. Check out their scorecard to see their performance on each criterion.
  2. They have submitted a Good Practice Story that was selected to the list for its innovative, effective and / or transferable good management practice.

Hiiumaa's Good Practice Story

Hiiumaa’s Good Practice Story was about preserving traditional culture and skills by building sustainable cottages to attract tourists. Read the full story here.


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