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Open fields, wild wetlands, rich cultural heritage, peace of mind

Why Visit?

Järva county in the heart of Estonia is a peaceful and safe rural destination. Its open fields, wild wetlands, quaint small towns and quiet villages allow for peace of mind to balance today’s hectic urban lifestyle. Perfect for slow travel, Järva county warmly welcomes guests keen on culture and heritage as well as hikers, cyclists and gardening enthusiasts.
Järva county is rich in bogs and springs. Apart from natural sights, visitor attractions range from historical manors to unique theme museums. All of the above would not be possible without locals – stubborn and self reliant, yet warm and friendly people.


Culture & Local Life

Järva county invites to enjoy culture with local touch. Attractions include a number of historical manor houses, remarkable churches and unique theme museums that each invite the guest into a world of their own. To name but a few examples, one can visit the birthplace of Estonia’s most iconic writer and explore an impressive collection of vintage bicycles. The old town of Paide, a heritage site in its own right, will feature a museum depicting small town life in 19th century. Järva county also hosts several nationwide annual events such as the Flower Fair in Türi and Opinion Festival in Paide.

Getting there

Järva county is located in the heart of Estonia, thus easy to reach from all directions. The main train station is Türi, train trip to/from Tallinn takes 1h30min. On the Tallinn-Tartu train track, the closest station for Järva county is Tamsalu. To reach Järva county by long distance bus, look for Mäo stop on the Tallinn-Tartu bus route. From Mäo there is frequent local bus connection to the main town Paide.

Getting around

Locally there is frequent bus connection between two main towns, Paide and Türi. Public bus service is also available elsewhere, but timetables are not always convenient for visitors. Therefore, to explore the rest of the county, we recommend to travel by bike or by car. Distances between various points of interest are quite short and there are many designated biking trails.

Good Practice Story


Kirna Manor Park is an area of land upheaval and well known for its healing properties that have stood empty for years before being bought back to be transformed into one of the most beautiful natural treasures of central Estonia. In 2019, after a tragic accident that destroyed a nearby greenhouse, 200.000 ‘homeless’ tulips were transported and planted in the manor. As a result, a sea of flowers bloomed in the spring of 2020, bringing a breath of fresh air to the local communities in lockdown. Since then, the manor has become a major attraction, benefiting local communities by extending the tourism season that now starts in May instead of mid-June.


Järva county is a rural destination made up of small local communities, where sustainability and self-sufficiency have long been an integral part of the DNA of local people. Modern day sustainability practices and the latest approach in environmentally friendly practices across all walks of life, from water management to event organizing, are being implemented step-by-step.

Nature & Wildlife

Natural sights are the top reason to visit Järva county – altogether there are 14 nature reserves and 10 limited conservation areas, some spanning across the county borders. Järva county is rich in bogs and springs which are the source of some of Estonia’s longest rivers. Many designated hiking trails make wetlands easily accessible to travelers and are worth exploring in any season. The untouched forests and bogs offer refuge to different species. In sparsely populated areas even large mammals such as bear, wolf, lynx and elk feel comfortable and can be spotted with the help of local nature guides.

Sustainability Recognitions & Certifications

TOP-100---Logo-2022-opt-New-Name (2)
Järvamaa was selected in the 2022
Sustainable Destinations Top 100
Järvamaa was selected in the 2021
Sustainable Destinations Top 100
Järvamaa county, ESTONIA achieved
Green Destinations Award – Silver in 2021


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