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Fiskars Village

The experience for all your senses

Why visit Fiskars Village

Fiskars is one of the villages in Finland that is full of joy and inspiration. Established in 1649, it is a pioneer of industrial development in Scandinavia. The region has attracted craftspeople and artistic-minded individuals for centuries, and today Fiskars Village is known as the center of Finnish art and design.
Only about an hour away from Helsinki and Turku, Fiskars Village is so close, yet another world. Fiskars Village is the best destination for green holidays: the idyllic artisan atmosphere is present everywhere, from the historical architecture and local flavors of the restaurants to the nature trails, children’s playgrounds, and the unique art and craft products of the small boutiques.

Culture & Local Life

In Fiskars Village, you will experience traditional craftsmanship and creativity with all senses. In the living ironwork village, there is more to see and experience than you’re able to do in a single day. Fiskars Village’s strong culinary tradition continues to this day with seasonal, organic cuisine and locally produced beverages. Fiskars Village is a home for a large variety of unforgettable events – such as concerts, the summer theater, the famous food events or design workshops – that enchant the visitors and vitalize the village scenery all year round.


The attraction of Fiskars Village is based mostly upon its valuable nature and cultural heritage that led us, together with local stakeholders, to identify six principles for sustainable operations: to promote protection of heritage, culture and nature, to minimize harmful impact on the environment, to strengthen local aspects, to promote health and wellbeing, to support local economic growth and offer job opportunities to locals and to communicate the values of Fiskars Village in a congruent and uniform manner among local entrepreneurs and associations.

Getting there

Fiskars is located in the town of Raseborg, one-hour drive west of Helsinki. From Helsinki, you can get to Karjaa by bus or train in about an hour, and a taxi or local bus can take you the remaining 15 kilometers to Fiskars.

Getting around

There is no admission fee to the Village area, and parking is also free of charge (excluding certain events). The best way to explore is roaming around the village by foot, and cycling or walking over the trails in its surroundings.

Nature Experience

The authentic countryside of a beautiful river valley surrounds Fiskars Village, where you can enjoy scenic nature trails by walking or on a bicycle. The mountain bike trails cover nearly 70 scenic kilometers. You can easily rent a mountain bike from the Trail Center, so there’s no need to bring your own – unless you want to. Or if you prefer walking, you can spot over 20 different tree species found in the area on a two-kilometer tree spotting walk.

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Traditional craft

Fiskars Village is well-known for its more than 30 boutiques and workshops where you will find local craft products and unique design and art items. Local crafts people produce a variety of artisan products, varying from candles and leather works to jewelry, furniture, and small gifts.

For gourmet lovers

Gourmet lovers have many mouth-watering reasons to come to Fiskars: you’ll find top-quality and atmospheric restaurants within a walking distance, operating year-round and welcoming visitors who wish to satisfy their taste buds.

Perfect place for your events

Nothing beats a stress-free evening in the charming setting of the old buildings and waking up the next day in the peaceful surroundings of the unique environment: Fiskars Village green holidays offer a perfect backdrop for celebrations and special events, like weddings or company get-togethers. No matter what the nature of the occasion, you won’t forget it.

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Hike & Bike

Fiskars Village is located in a beautiful river valley, surrounded by lakes, forests and cultural landscapes. Nature trails can be enjoyed by walking or on a mountain bike that can be rented from the Fiskars Village Trail Center. Mountain bike trails covers almost 70 kilometers and some interesting walks include the tree spotting path introducing 23 different species found in the area.

Sustainability Recognitions

Top100 2019

Fiskars Village is included in the 2019 Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations


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