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Our aim is to spread awareness regarding a variety of topics linked to sustainability for a responsible travellers like you! Find topics such as the climate crisis, the failure of the common offsetting programs and over-tourism that is disrupting the local communities.

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QualityCoast program- Interview with the founder

On the 6th July 2021, our team has interviewed Albert Salman, founder of Green Destinations and of the QualityCoast program to learn more about it. He explains the history of the program, its characteristics and differences with other certification or award schemes, and its contribution to the protection of coastal destinations. […]

Estonia (2)

7 days, 7 sustainable destinations in Estonia by bus

Welcome to Estonia, the greenest country in Europe! Estonia is relatively flat land, largely covered by forest (more than 50% of its land) and nature. Experience bog shoeing to traverse the marshy ground and enjoy the rich wildlife. Estonia is indeed a privileged spot for birdwatching and its forests are home to lynxes, wolves, and brown bears, so watch out! […]

A glass of wine in a vineyard

In Vino Veritas: The truth about sustainable wine

Wine growing and wine making are a centuries old tradition. It is seen in many parts of the world to be a large part of their heritage and culture, similar to gastronomy. When discovering a destination, part of the experience is indulging in the local gastronomy, which is sometimes paired with a nice (local) glass of wine! There is a term used to describe the wine side of tourism which encompasses […]

Cascais (6)

7 days, 6 sustainable destinations in Portugal without a car

Portugal has much to offer. Its rich culture, nature, and gastronomy have a taste that does not make you want to leave the country once you are in it. It is also home to incredibly generous and hospitable people. Well, it is for a reason that Portugal won the Best of Europe Award for sustainable tourism in 2019 at the ITB Berlin! We propose here […]


7 days, 7 sustainable destinations in the Netherlands by bike

Biking in the Netherlands is easy with its 35,000 kilometres of biking lanes making it easy for even an inexperienced cyclist. At the Good Travel Guide we support bike riding as an alternative to other forms of transport as it has a low carbon footprint and it keeps you fit. We want to share with you how easy it is to travel in the Netherlands and not only see lots of windmills (which you will!), but also […]

Finding a sustainable place to stay

Sleeping responsibly: Finding a sustainable place to stay

We all need a place to sleep when we travel. But where you choose to rest your head while travelling is a major factor of your travels’ impact. We are not only talking about your carbon footprint or the environmental impact your accommodation choice has on the destination, but also how it contributes to social and economic impacts on local communities and individuals. They can be both […]

Travelling waste-free

Travelling waste-free:
Be part of the solution!

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2019 saw a record total of 671 million international tourists arrivals in the first half of the year. This was 30 million more than in the first half of 2018. If the COVID-19 pandemic had not hit, these numbers were expected to continue rising in 2020. The problem with these rising numbers is that tourists were found to generate up to […]

Travelling safely in Schouwen-Duiveland

Schouwen-Duiveland: A model for travelling safely during COVID-19

As part of our Covid Safe Series, we’d like to highlight the efforts of the Dutch island of Schouwen-Duiveland. The coastal village of Renesse operates a park and ride facility just outside Schouwen-Duiveland, from there tourists take a free bus helping to reduce traffic in the coastal villages. It’s a long-running initiative that  started in 1998: “Liberation of the car-driver starts in Renesse.” Tourists can […]

Palau covid story

Palau: Pioneer amidst the Pandemic

Palau is one of the few countries in the world that has successfully been COVID-19 free for the past few months. In order to achieve and maintain its COVID-19 free status the country has suspended all commercial flights since the beginning of this year and will continue to do so until further notice. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak the outlook in the first quarter of 2020 was very promising and tourism numbers were on track to grow more than […]

Safe travels in Taiwan

Safe travels in Taiwan

As of today, most people are not allowed or choose not to travel outside of their country. Covid has had a huge negative impact on destinations that rely on foreign tourists. However, Taiwan is more popular with domestic tourists, just like many of the destinations in the Sustainable Top 100 list. Even though Taiwan is not open for international tourism right now, it has remained open following stringent and transparent rules. There are no domestic restrictions as long as you […]

Travel emissions carbon offsetting

Travel emissions, carbon offsetting and the climate crisis: questions, dilemmas and suggestions

When you buy a ticket to travel online, you might have noticed a little check box that offers you  the chance to offset the CO2 emissions of your journey for a very small cost.  It often involves planting a tree which can offset the CO2 your journey produces. Feels good, right? Guilt-free travel by paying someone else to remove the CO2 that your long or short haul journey produces. As travellers […]

Coral reef diving

Coral reef diving:
finding a reef or a ruin?

There are many attractive diving sites around the world. Among them are a couple of sustainable destinations: Bonaire and Statia in the Caribbean, Douglas Shire along Australia’s Great Barrier and Chumbe Island Coral Park along the East Coast of Africa. Tourists make a beeline for diving trips to see the vibrant colours, astonishing coral formations, and diversity of marine life. Unfortunately, coral reefs are at high risk because of climate change and […]


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