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Emergency in climate regulation:
Scientists worried about a possible near collapse of the Gulf Stream

© Good Travel Guide, September 2021

One of the main temperature regulators for North America, Western Europe and Northwestern Africa, the Gulf Stream, is in serious danger of collapse. This phenomenon would be irreversible and according to scientists, we cannot allow it to happen.

This current, also called the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) is becoming unstable and impossible to forecast the impact.. A new report even shows that it may be about to collapse and shut down earlier than expected.This is due to rising temperatures and changes in salinity as a consequence of the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet. Such changes, and a collapse of the Gulf Stream would have devastating consequences on the climate. It would lead to unpredictable weather and have catastrophic impacts on the more fragile areas such as the Amazon rainforest and Antarctic ice sheets.

The complexity of the Gulf Stream makes it impossible to know how much time we still have before its collapse, but rather than waiting for it to happen, we must limit our emissions as much as possible as the CO2 we release is the main cause of this disaster.

Read the detailed article written on The Guardian here


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