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Assessment and awareness system to kickstart your sustainability journey

The first step towards business sustainability

The Good Travel Scan tool is part of the Good Travel Program, a program offering a variety of tools aimed to inform, support, guide and award businesses to improve their sustainability.

What it is

With only 10 criteria, The Good Travel Scan is a tool to evaluate the sustainability of businesses in the tourism sector that are starting out in their improvement journey to become more sustainable. It can act as a first step towards the full Good Travel Seal certification.

Especially made for SMEs

The Scan is especially created to encourage medium and small family-run enterprises (SMEs) that still have no previous knowledge or experience in sustainability management to take a first step in the right direction.

Including 10 universal sustainable tourism criteria

The Good Travel Scan has been developed from the top 10 most important criteria in the Good Travel Seal certification, which also correspond to some major GSTC-Industry Standard criteria. It is a simple step for you to evaluate where you stand in the sustainability journey and can encourage you to improve and eventually achieve the full certification.

The Themes included in the Scan are:


System that encompasses all aspects of sustainability integrated in one place to better manage and improve sustainability over time.


Supporting and engaging the local community in developments and decent employment, promoting and protecting cultural heritage.


From the prevention and reduction of waste, pollution, energy and water, and the protection of natural habitats; to strategies for adaptation and resilience of climate change.


Promoting local, fair-trade and eco-friendly products.

How does the certification work?


You will be invited to fill out the reporting on our online platform and submit supporting documents. This will indicate to what extent your business implements measures for sustainable and responsible tourism. The reporting consists of 10 universal criteria.

With only 10 criteria, it is an easy step for small businesses, that have no previous knowledge of sustainability to embark on the journey of improvement.


The information on the platform will then be assessed by a team of experts, who will evaluate how many of the criteria were achieved by your business.

Guidance is included in each criteria so businesses can learn more about it and get more information and recommendations on how to comply with the criteria.


An independent auditor will verify these criteria by visiting your business. The audit can be carried out online (via video call) or on-site.


The findings of the audit will be used to make a final scorecard. The result will be a collection of badges showing the state of the criteria in green, orange and red.

Good Travel scorecard

Through this publicly available Scorecard we show customers the sustainability performance of your tourism businesses. This way there can be no greenwashing.


For a full overview of the Good Travel Scan Criteria click here

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