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How much does it cost?

Good Travel Seal
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Good Travel Seal

* The cost is annual and all-inclusive without any extra fees. No registration fee and no audit fee.
* Businesses in Green Destinations member destinations get a 33% discount. This includes destinations participating in QualityCoast and Slovenia Green.

Not just a new eco label

The Good Travel Seal is different from other ecolabels. Most ecolabels focus on environmental aspects such as energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste reduction. However, for small and family-run businesses, the management efforts and costs of such changes are too high. Moreover, guests don’t always understand what an ecolabel means. This is why less than 0.5% of hotels worldwide are certified by ecolabels.

We want to change this with the Good Travel Seal. This ecolabel is based upon two pillars: (1) sustainability and (2) health & safety.

The Good Travel certification focuses on practical requirements that are easy to manage for smaller businesses. What’s more, our Seal also costs less than other ecolabels. The Virus-Aware certification, which we provide as a free add-on, provides an additional element of health and safety protection to a business.

What are the benefits?

Happy Guests = Higher Ratings

Certified businesses receive better reviews and ratings. This proves that certification boosts management and quality of services.


Certified businesses use 19% less water, 24% less waste and 10% less CO2.

Show What You Do

Another benefit of the Good Travel Seal is our transparency. You will be able to show your customers what aspects you do well. A label alone doesn’t work, but showing your performance does!

Due Diligence

Due diligence is probably the best yet most underestimated reason. In response to complaints, clarify that your business is compliant to the standards of an independent certification for sustainable tourism!

Financial Advantage

You will save on energy, water, and waste disposal costs with a certification. Moreover, happy guests and high ratings will bring you more visitors. On top of that, the Good Travel certification also offers you the best-price guarantee.


Traditional ecolabel programs are not promoting your business. With the Good Travel Seal, your business will be featured in the Good Travel Guide and soon also in other websites (Sustainable First a.o.) providing travellers with easy ways to explore destinations.

What are the subjects?

As a first step in the certification process businesses are asked to clarify what they do to act responsibly on any of the following subjects:

– Purchasing & Sales, Food & Beverage

– Social Well-being & Local Employment

– Prevention of Exploitation

– Health & Safety

– Accessibility

– Energy & Climate 

– Waste

– Water

– Prevention of Pollution and Nuisance

– Nature, Scenery & Green Zones

– Cultural Heritage

– Information

Three months for free
in COVID-time

During any emergencies heavily impacting businesses we offer free participation during first period of three months. You can claim this free period when your revenues are down by over 50%; this will also apply in future years. The annual certification fees will only apply after this three-months period.

You get the free add-on
Virus-Aware Seal

To help you gain trust among customers, we provide a free add-on: the Virus-Aware certification. This will help businesses to be better prepared for the post-corona recovery.

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