Penglipuran Village

Why visit Penglipuran Village

Located 625 meters above sea level, Penglipuran is one of the most peaceful and serene village in Indonesia.

According to the mythology and the elders’ testimonies, the name Penglipuran comes from 'Pengeling Pura', which means remembering the ancestors. Other interpretations of the word Penglipuran is from the word 'Pelipur Lara', which means solace.

Whichever definition you choose to believe, this traditional village surely will not disappoint its visitor to experience the village authenticity: from its mythical culture to the hospitality of the locals.

Culture & Local Life

The locals of Penglipuran village maintain their traditional way of living. The prominent feature of this village is the traditional architecture of its houses. Around 243 families live harmoniously, adhering to traditional principles and rules. Everyone stands equally, as there’s no Hindu caste system in this village.

Penglipuran Village is very eco-friendly. Residents take the environment seriously. They recycle the trash and have a strict policy towards smoking and polluting. Penglipuran Village also received a Kalpataru award from the Indonesian Government for its efforts to protect the Bamboo Forest in their local ecosystem.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


The Indigenous Village of Penglipuran is very unique because residents who live in this village still maintain the philosophy of indigenous life that has been passed down from generation to generation. Authenticity is an ancient value kept alive by the people of Penglipuran village. The populace has a reputation in the world for paying special attention to preserving traditional philosophies and ways of life in the face of modernization and global tourism.

Getting there

Penglipuran village is located at Bangli District, Bali. It takes about an hour from Denpasar (the capital of Bali) by car. Look for Nusantara street when you arrive in Bangli, then turn left on a junction where you will find signboards that points to Penglipuran village.

When in doubt, ask the locals. They will be more than happy to help you!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Getting around

Walk around the village on foot to experience the tranquility of the village. The people of Penglipuran believe that order and cleanliness are highly respectable virtues. Every house, garden, gate, road, and temple is consistently designed under the traditional Balinese philosophy of architecture. Don’t hesitate to interact with the locals. Even most of the time, you won’t need to ask — the locals will proudly show you around their establishment!

Nature Experience

Penglipuran village is located in Gianyar, on the slope of Mount Batur. Being surrounded by lush bamboo forest, visitors can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities there.

Go on a hiking tour with an experienced guide for those who wishes to explore the hidden tracks. You can also have a relaxing walk around the forest under the shade of these 7-meter tall bamboo trees. Other option is to hop on your bike and take a cycling tour through the farms, forests and rivers to the outskirt of the village.

Sustainability Recognitions

Top100 2019
Penglipuran village Is included in the Global Top 100.
In 2017 Penglipuran Village received Green - Gold Award at Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award (ISTA) in the category of Culture.

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