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Miura Peninsula

A peninsula where one can find delights

Why visit Miura Peninsula

The Miura Peninsula is a nature-rich peninsula located in southeastern Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, facing Sagami Bay in the west and Tokyo Bay in the east. There are five cities and towns on the Miura Peninsula: Kamakura City, Zushi City, Yokosuka City, Miura City and Hayama Town.
The history of the ancient capital, the richness of the tides and fields, resorts with a view of the sea and side streets full of laughter make Miura Peninsula a green holiday destination with many attractions.

The Miura Peninsula is small but has a lot of charm.

Culture & Local Life

The Miura Peninsula is known for its ancient Japanese capital, Kamakura, as well as for its atmospheric architecture and ancient culture. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the Miura Peninsula is valuable for its fishing industry based on its rich fish and shellfish habitat. It is also valued for its agriculture, with vegetables nurtured by the sea breeze.
Green holiday in Miura Peninsula

Getting there

Two train lines, JR and Keihin Electric Express Railway, stretch across the Miura Peninsula and provide transportation to the urban areas and major tourist destinations of each city and town. The Peninsula is conveniently located about an hour away from Tokyo, making it easy to enjoy a memorable green holiday in Miura Peninsula.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula

Getting around

The Miura Peninsula has several types of transport connecting cities, towns and tourist destinations.
In Zushi City, Yokosuka City, Miura City and Hayama Town, the Keihin Express buses operate extensive routes, providing convenient transportation to major tourist destinations.

In Kamakura City there are many tourist attractions within walking distance of JR Kamakura Station and Kita-Kamakura Station, so we recommend walking while enjoying the cityscape.

Getting around by bicycle is also recommended. The Miura Peninsula has a varied terrain, with a series of coastal and moderately high hills with good views, making it popular with cyclists. However, be careful on the narrow roads.

Nature & Wildlife

Every city and town on the Miura Peninsula has a coastline and each one has distinctive features.
Miura Peninsula, the only peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture with a west coast, is a popular spot for watching sunsets. Why not take a stroll along the coast at sunset? You can also enjoy various marine leisure activities such as sailing and surfing. You can immerse yourself in nature in the parks near the coast.
There are also numerous hiking trails that make it easy to hike in the mountains on your green holiday in Miura Peninsula.
Green holiday in Miura Peninsula


In the Miura Peninsula, we aim to realize sustainable tourism with the pillars of “tourism” and “life”. In order to pass on our precious seas and greenery to future generations, we are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing disposable plastic waste. In addition, Yuigahama Beach is the first beach in Asia to receive the “Blue Flag” international environmental certification.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula

Health and Safety

In accordance with the guidelines set out by the national government and Kanagawa Prefecture, tourist facilities and restaurants are taking measures such as disinfecting, ensuring social distance and changing operating hours.

In addition, the “Not to get infected! Not to infect others! Handbook for travelers to prevent COVID-19 infection” is distributed at public facilities and tourist sites in each city and town. Visitors are also encouraged to take their own precautionary measures.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula

Good Practice Story

Hayama Beach Zero Waste Navigation (Eco Station) Project
As a countermeasure to the illegal dumping of garbage by beachgoers, which had been a problem at the beaches during the summer, we have set up manned garbage collection sites called “eco-stations”.
Since it is not possible to control garbage simply by installing garbage cans, we assigned people to the eco-stations to encourage users to separate the garbage and charge them according to the type and amount of garbage. We aim to improve behaviour and awareness about garbage disposal.
In addition, by recruiting volunteers for the eco-stations, we were able to encourage participants to come to the beaches and help us achieve eco-tourism.

Travel tips from our editors

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Yokosuka City "Sarushima Island"

It is the only natural island in Tokyo Bay. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming and barbecuing throughout the year. It has an area about four times the size of the Yokohama Stadium field. A 10-minute boat ride from Mikasa Pier makes it easy to reach. As a former Japanese military fortress, civilians were not allowed to enter the island until after the war. You can enjoy exploring the island amidst the lush greenery, brick tunnels, gun emplacements and other former military facilities. The island is also known as a shocker base for the Masked Rider drama, which was filmed here.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Yokosuka City: "Dobuita Street (ドブ板通り)"

This is a shopping street with an American flavor. The name comes from the thick iron plates provided by the pre-war Navy arsenal, which were laid on the Dobu River. The street has a variety of stores with an international flavor. It is also famous as the birthplace of the Sukajan jacket, a perfect souvenir to bring back from your green holiday in Miura Peninsula!

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Miura City "Urari Marche"

Located in Misaki Port, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, this production and marketing center sells tuna, seasonal fish and vegetables. The “Sakana-kan” on the first floor sells tuna, local fish, processed marine products and prepared foods, while the “Yasai-kan” on the second floor sells fresh vegetables grown by farmers in Miura City, as well as local beer and seasonal fruit and vegetable juices.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Miura City: "Kawazu Cherry Blossom”

About 1,000 Kawazu cherry trees, known for their early blooming, are planted along the railroad track from Miura Kaigan Station on the Keikyu Line to Komatsugaike Park. You can experience the colorful scenery and the scent of spring with rape blossom also in bloom.

The Miura Coast Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year from early February to early March to coincide with the best time to see the cherry blossoms.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Miura City: "Jogashima Island"

This is an island located at the southern end of the Miura Peninsula, about two hours from Tokyo by train or bus. It is full of attractive spots where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, including a large grassy park, cliffs and rocky beaches, a beautiful lighthouse and hiking trails with magnificent views.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Zushi City "Hiking Course from Jinmuji Temple to Takatoriyama Mountain"

You can visit historical sites and go hiking around Jimmuji Temple, which is a sacred place of mountain worship built in the Nara period. There are three routes to reach the temple: Omote-sando (front approach), Sando (Ikego approach) and Numama-sando (Numama approach). The path up to Takatoriyama Mountain is rich in natural flora and fauna, including ferns unique to the peninsula.

Green holiday in Miura Peninsula
Zushi City "Ikego Forest"

For almost 70 years, the Ikego Forest has been almost completely untouched and has never been used as a wood-fired forest, planted cedar and cypress trees, or gathered wildflowers. As a result, it is home to abundant wild birds, insects and aquatic life as well as vegetation. It is definitely worth a visit during your green holiday in Miura Peninsula!

Shared bicycle
Zushi City "Shared Bicycle"

We offer shared bicycles that can be used anytime and anywhere. You can borrow and return bicycles with your smartphone and you can ride anywhere at unmanned stations that have the “HELLO CYCLING” logo on them. For only 70 yen per 15 minutes (about 2 Euros per hour), you can use an electric bicycle to easily climb hills. For more info please visit HELLO CYCLING website.

Sustainability Recognition

TOP 100 2020 logo
Miura Peninsula is listed on the Sustainable 2020 Top 100 Destinations

In the Miura Peninsula, we aim to realize sustainable tourism. Four cities and one town on the peninsula are working to achieve the SDGs and reduce disposable plastic waste in order to preserve the precious sea and greenery for future generations. Particularly in the Miura Peninsula, there are many beautiful beaches, including Yuigahama Beach, the first beach in Asia to receive the “Blue Flag” international environmental certification. In line with this, the peninsula has been focusing on etiquette campaigns, aiming to create safe and comfortable beaches for all residents, workers and tourists, from children to elderly people.

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