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Old city, young vibe

Why visit Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands with a centre full of important historical locations. And it’s not just a rich cultural history that Nijmegen has to offer. A large number of students, numerous events and festivals, unique hot spots and cosy restaurants all add up to an unprecedented liveliness in our city.
Nijmegen is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, easy to explore by bike or foot. Or you can just put your feet in the sand at our city beach next to the river Waal, or relax at one of the numerous sidewalk cafes.
Nijmegen is a front-running city when it comes to sustainability and was awarded European Green Capital in 2018. Come over and you will probably fall in love with this progressive, beautiful and open minded city.
Read further to find out more about Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen!

The good life in Nijmegen – enjoying local foods and drinks.

Nature in Nijmegen.

Culture & Local Life

Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands. Right at the start of our era Nijmegen was founded by the Romans as an important base because of its strategic location. Around 100 AD the Romans had put an entire city called Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum on the map and Nijmegen was granted city and market rights by Emperor Trajan. Not just the Romans have left their mark on the city. On 22 February 1944 a large part of the inner city was destroyed by allied bombings. Take a guided city tour to hear more about the history or follow the green line that will lead you to most highlights.

Nijmegen is very entrepreneurial, which shows in a variety of local shops, products and concept stores. Try for example one of many locally brewed beers, wines from Berg en Dal, freshly baked bread, Dutch cheese or shop for local gifts.

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen


Nijmegen was the first mid-sized European city to be awarded European Green Capital. The city is ambitious and inhabitants, business, schools and the local government continue to work to improve the performance of sustainable tourism in Nijmegen and quality of life for its inhabitants.

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen

Health and Safety

To deal with the COVID-19 (corona) virus, all eating and drinking establishments and tourist attractions in Nijmegen take extra safety precautions and have limited space to welcome their visitors to ensure social distancing. Consult the websites or ask an employee about specific regulations at the location you would like to visit. On public transport face masks are obligatory. 

Nature & Wildlife

Join locals in the green and historical parks like Valkhof and Kronenburgerpark where students, families and friends meet for a picnic. Or enjoy one of the many city beaches or the island ‘Veur-Lent’ as part of a huge climate adaptation project providing more room for the rising levels of the River Waal. Not only keeping the city safe but adding a new nature park to the city and a swimming beach. Here you can enjoy some of the best sunset views.

You can also take a bike or hike in the beautiful Ooijpolder to explore river landscapes or the forest in Heumensoord and the popular Duivelsberg where you can enjoy the forest and hills providing excellent viewpoints.


Getting there

The city is easily accessible by train and only a 10-minute train ride from Arnhem that has a direct train connection to Germany. There is also an extensive public bus network surrounding Nijmegen, making it easier to visit smaller towns. Just check the 9292OV or NS app for bus and train times. All of these eco-friendly transportation options make it easier for us to enjoy the sustainable tourism in Nijmegen.

Photo © Michel van der Vegt

Getting around

Being awarded biking capital of the Netherlands, Nijmegen is an easy city to get around. Simply rent a bike or e-bike at one of the many renting points or take a bus to explore the surroundings. The city itself is easy to explore by foot as almost the entire city centre is a pedestrian area.

Travel tips from our editors

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen

Hike and Bike in Nijmegen

Nijmegen and its surroundings are easily explored by foot and bike. Take a walk and explore its exciting, interesting and turbulent history. You can find evidence of past times everywhere, both in old buildings and in the city architecture. Looking for a change of scene? You can walk straight into open countryside from Nijmegen. Meandering dikes, abandoned islands and quiet sections of reclaimed land: nature is at its best here. You could even find yourself face to face with Konik horses. Want to explore even further? Rent a bike and explore the surrounding landscapes in Berg en Dal and the Overasseltse Vennen for example.

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen

Relax and unwind

Tired from walking and biking? Have a seat! With a large number of available restaurants, cafés and terraces in Nijmegen you’ll always find one to your liking. Your food will be prepared with passion and served with a smile and hospitality. From world cuisine to local specialties, there’s plenty to choose from! And don’t forget a great cup of coffee or a local beer or wine.

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen

Go shopping

Up for something new? In Nijmegen you can go on a spree in the oldest shopping district of the Netherlands! In one of the 400 stores you can always find something to your liking. In the Lange Hezelstraat you’ll find beautiful historic buildings and at the Marikenstraat you literally shop at a higher level. Next to well-known and popular chain stores you’ll also find a large array of unique local boutiques. Fancy a drink? Nijmegen has the highest density of sidewalk cafes so there’s always a spot for you to relax!

Sustainable tourism in Nijmegen

Enjoy Nijmegen's night life

Nights are long in Nijmegen! You’ll see both upcoming talents and some of the biggest artists in our city’s pop venues. When the season kicks off, you really don’t want to miss festivals and events in our city of culture. Refreshing, exciting and with a touch of geniality: this is where you’ll find those next level events you’ve been craving. And they’re not overcrowded either! Savor the sights as you dance, chat and drink. Enjoy that romantic movie with a bucket of popcorn, hold your breath as the roulette wheel is spinning or marvel at the agility of dancers at a beautiful performance.

Sustainability Recognitions

Nijmegen has participated in the Green Destinations program since 2018 and was immediately awarded with a gold award. Additionally, Nijmegen won the European Green Capital Award in 2018.

Social and environmental sustainability is part of Nijmegen’s DNA.

Top100 2019

Nijmegen featured in the 2019 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations.

GD Gold logo

Nijmegen also received the Green Destinations Gold Award in 2019.

Tessa Groenen
(Page Editor)

"Nijmegen is a beautiful and lively historical city. Almost everything is within walking distance. From shopping in the historical Lange Hezelstraat, relax on the river beach, explore nature or the cities museums. Enjoy your evening at one of the great restaurants, the cinema, theatre or one of the vibrant bars. Or just watch the sunset from the river island Veur-Lent."

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