Why visit Nijmegen

A city with many international students, young families and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery of destinations such as Berg en Dal and Nijmegen. Rich with modern and historical culture, forward thinking entrepreneurs in the city centre and the only EU Green Capital in The Netherlands. After a year as EU Green Capital in 2018 large and small business owners, universities and the municipality commited to stronger climate policies. Now Nijmegen is one of the frontrunners in the Netherlands when it comes to decreasing city emissions, increasing recycling rates and creating a pedestrian/cyclist centred city.

Culture & Local Life

Many buildings and streets in Nijmegen are protected cultural heritage in the Netherlands. Because of their strong influence on views around the city their maintenance is one of the main priorities for tourism managers in Nijmegen.

For a true experience of the Nijmeegse culture and history, go back to the days of the Roman empire and the Middle Ages, to modern art experiences. Or learn more about times of war and peace in the wider region of Nijmegen. Since Nijmegen is located in a rural area, there are many local products and produce for citizens and visitors alike to enjoy. Try locally brewed beer, home-baked bread or buy up-cycled second hand gifts.


Nijmegen is the only EU Green Capital in the Netherlands, and works hard to improve quality of its inhabitants life. For example, almost all those living in Nijmegen live within 300 metres of a park.


Getting there

The city is easily accessible by train from a number of Dutch cities. There is also an extensive public bus network surrounding Nijmegen, making it easier to visit smaller towns. Just check the 9292 for for bus and train times

Photo © Michel van der Vegt

Getting around

Being awarded biking capital of the Netherlands multiple times, Nijmegen is an easy city to get around. Simply rent a bike, bring your own, or take a skateboard or bus and the outskirts of the city are within only half an hour of travelling.

Nature Experience

With many parks, such as Goffert and Valkhof park, inhabitants of Nijmegen and visitors alike can enjoy good or bad weather as it comes in the Netherlands. Since the municipality has no wild nature of its own, it supports conservation projects in neighbouring areas and around the Netherlands. Most of the parks in Nijmegen have historical significance, since they hold the remnants of Roman times or memorials for the Second World War.

Travel tips from our editors

Stadswaard Nijmegen, Ooijpolder, Ooijpoort, Rode Geuzen

Hike and Bike in Nijmegen

Nijmegen and the varied direct surrounding show a great mix of culture and nature. Enjoy the rich history of the city centre (which is mainly car free) by doing one of the city walks. If you have seen the city, discover the wide landscapes of the rivers Waal and Maas or enjoy – by foot or bike – the panoramic scenery of Berg en Dal. Click here for routes!


Packing tips

Travelling to a city like Nijmegen is easy, but being prepared for the activities, weather and surroundings is something else entirely! Check the weather forecast and adjust your activities and necessities accordingly.

Netherlands, Nijmegen, Grote Markt

Nijmegen city center

The city centre of Nijmegen is a true hub for the people who live in the city. With a huge variety of activities, restaurants, cafés and shops there is something to do for everyone at any time of the year. There is a to see and do in the Nijmegen city centre. Visit the tourist information center for a city map and everything you want to know about Nijmegen tourism.

Sustainability Recognitions

Top100 2019
Flore Vesseur
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"Nijmegen is a wonderful city to live in, especially because the city centre is designed for people to meet with friends or family rather than spend the day shopping"

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