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Niue Island

Why visit Niue Island

Niue is the world’s largest raised coral atoll, located 2.400 km north east of New Zealand. Visitors enjoy: exploring the unique rugged coral coastline, caves and reef with intimate snorkelling and swimming coves, learning about everyday Niuean life, observing migratory sealife, sustainable fishing, visiting the Huvalu Rainforest Conservation Area and viewing the night sky.


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Niue Island has been awarded with the
2020 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Award

Since 2015, Niue has been working towards broader nation wide tourism planning that is sustainable. Sustainable tourism for Niue is not a goal in itself; it is a means to a sustainable end – where tourism contributes positively to Niuean society, creates a better living environment for locals and destination for visitors and is a driver of positive change. After the completion of the Niue Visitor Experience Development Strategy, several actions have been implemented.


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