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Why visit Azores

The Archipelago of the Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. There are many activities available to visitors on the Azores: walking around stunning landscape marked by dense coastal woods, playing golf at one of the best and least exploited courses in the world, relaxing in natural carbonic water, waterfalls and iron water pools, whale watching, canoeing and kayaking, sailing, and horse riding.
Read further to find out more about a green holiday in the Azores!

Visit the Azores and discover a sea of emotions!
One of the main tourist attractions of the Azores are the maritime activities.

Culture & Local Life

Enjoy the amazing cultural heritage of Terceira (like in Angra de Heroismo), but also the local traditions; try the Furnas meal (a meal cooked with volcanic heat, on Sao Miguel). In 2016 the Azores was identified by QualityCoast as the world's most sustainable tourism destination.


The Azores are well known for promoting sustainability. The Azores have a rich and protected geo-diversity and marine life, natural areas with well-regulated hiking trails, as well as an Eco school. Renewable energy is also widely used on the island. On the Azores, rational use of water is supported by the Regional Plan for the Water (PRAA). Moreover, tourism businesses are ensuring long-term social and economic benefits and the government actively supports human rights activities with, for example, campaigns against domestic violence.

Azorina vidalii

Health & Safety

Tourism companies in the Azores are adopting the “Clean and Safe” stamp of approval to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections. Passengers disembarking in Azores have to follow some rules that can be found here. All of these measures will give visitors assurance when they embark on a green holiday in the Azores.

Graciosa portugal Arozes

Good Practice Story

In this context, the Azores have taken a very goal-oriented approach when
it comes to energy. Taking Graciosa Island as an example, the Graciólica project has allowed for over 60% of renewable energy integration. This private project consists in a hybrid production unit, relying on wind and solar power, together with an innovative energy storage system, that can supply the island with over 24-hour consecutive periods of electric energy.

Travel tips from our editors


The azores, nine vulcanos which rise from the Atlantic ocena are really nine green small paradises. Hiking on one of the archipelago’s nine islands – Sao Miguel, the largest and Terceira, the busiest – is a once in a lifetime experience.

A journey on the Azores will bring you in close contact with nature. The islands are ruled by the wind and the coulds, whales and dolphines. Enjoy the nature, silence, the ocean, forests and incredible landscapes. Take your pick and enjoy paradise. You can explore the island by bike, but hiking is more convenient.

Nature Experience

Volcanism created a spectacular archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. It offers the ultimate green experience! Everywhere you go, you will be immersed in green landscapes and scenic views towards seas and volcanoes. You can do all sorts of activities related to nature, including whale and dolphin watching.

Getting there

Considering that the Azores is an archipelago, you will have to fly to reach these 9 idyllic islands almost in the middle of the Atlantic. Luckily, there are an increasing number of direct flights to the Azores. Another alternative is to choose a connecting flight with a stopover in Lisbon or Porto in mainland Portugal.

Don’t forget to offset your carbon footprint by taking part in your favorite trusted carbon offset projects!

Getting around

Take a ferry if you desire to travel to another island within the Azores. It will serve you a beautiful view and is more inexpensive compared to traveling by plane. However, keep in mind that the Azores are located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, thus the waves and currents can be rough sometimes. Click here for more information about ferries.

To travel within each island you can opt for bus trips. There is a network of buses between the big towns of larger islands. Click here to check the bus schedule. 

Good places to stay

Green Key

We recommend these places because they are committed to responsible tourism, checked and certified by independent auditors and ecolabel programs including Green Key.

Sustainability Recognitions


Azores was featured in the 2021 Top 100 Good Practice Story.

QC Platinum Award

Azores received the highest recognition for QualityCoast: Platinum Award.

In 2020 the Azores received the prestigious “Best of Nature” Award at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel event.

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