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A place of discoveries where the land marries the sea

Why visit Lagos

A green trip to Lagos will be an amazing experience. Lagos is a place of inspiration to the senses, where modernity and tradition, contemporaneity and the legacy of a remarkable historical past coexist side by side.
It was from Lagos that Prince Henry the Navigator set in motion the great diaspora of the Portuguese Discoveries and, with it, the wealth and prosperity that are expressed in Lagos’ unique cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible.
This heritage is still visible today in the warm relationship the people establish with travellers from all over the world coming here for a simple visit – which is often made permanent.

There is a lot to discover in each corner of this beautiful city by the sea, from the historical streets, to the dreamy beaches, nature, culture, gastronomy and people.

With a coast of intense beauty, lush nature and rich biodiversity, Lagos has landscapes for all tastes.

Culture & Local Life

The city is the stage, where traditions intersect with entertainment with influences from the Algarve and every part of the world. In this friendly atmosphere, there are several events being held throughout the year: art, music, dance, theater, gastronomy, literature, nature, you name it! And if you want a pause from this celebration of culture, why not take a stroll along the Costa d’Oiro, know the history behind the various monuments, be dazzled by the urban art or relax and taste the famous local sweet, Dom Rodrigo, in the Historic Centre.

Praça do Infante

Green trip to Lagos
Lagos Train Station

Getting there

Lagos is located about 300 km south of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, 90 km from Faro, the district capital and where the Faro International Airport is located, and about 350 km from Seville, Spain. You can easily get here by car (125 National Road or A22 Highway), by bus (Eva Transportes and Rede Nacional de Expressos), train (CP station near de Lagos’ Marina) or even by boat.

Green trip to Lagos

Getting around

The ONDA (Wave) public transport network is available, which can take you anywhere in Lagos. Being a suitable place for the practice of sports, you can also visit Lagos by bike or even on foot, offering several walking trails in the city, on the coast (with the Ponta da Piedade walkways as the main attraction) and in the famous Barão de São João National Forest.

Nature & Wildlife

Famed for the height of its cliffs and the beauty of its rock formations, the “Costa d’ Oiro” (Golden Coast) is a unique place. Marvel at the breathtaking landscape and feel the fresh sea breeze and the warmth of the sun. At Ponta da Piedade, where the sea meets the land, sprawling walkways and viewpoints running across 2km of coast invite you to appreciate the unmissable natural landscape and geological wonders.
If you prefer the interior, you can also visit the Barão de São João National Forest or the Bravura Dam – on foot or by bicycle within its many trails. Witness the biodiversity and wildlife of this wonderful region.

Ponta da Piedade

Green trip to Lagos
Barão de São João National Forest


Sustainability is one of the priorities of the municipality, whether in the various initiatives such as the “Municipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change” or the rehabilitation of areas such as Ponta da Piedade, the Barão de São João National Forest, the various initiatives organized with local schools or, more recently, adherence to the project SuSTowns, which promotes entrepreneurship awareness of innovation and sustainability. These strategies have been recognized with awards such as the annual attribution of the “Blue Flag” to the beaches of Lagos or the recognition by ECOXXI Project.

Green trip to Lagos
COVID-19 awareness on the beaches

Health and Safety

Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, the municipality of Lagos has taken the mission to preserve the health of the community and prevent the spread of the virus. To this end, resources were directed to distribute personal protection material to the population and entities that are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. In addition, all public buildings (cultural buildings were even awarded the Clean & Safe seal) and access to beaches were provided with conditions for social distancing and guiding signs.

In the social media and website, awareness campaigns for citizens and visitors have been constant. In 2020, Meia Praia beach was awarded by the European Best Destinations as one Europe’s safest beaches during the pandemic.

Green trip to Lagos
“Lagos na Onda do Verão” Project

Good Practice Story

The “Lagos na Onda do Verão” (Lagos in the Summer Wave) campaign started in 2007 and aims to sensitize, inform and make the population (residents and visitors) aware, particularly children, of the existing problems involving the environment, as well as the role that each of them can play in reducing and eradicating some of these problems, trying to instill in us routines in terms of more environmentally sustainable behaviors, such as waste separation, contributing to a more sustainable development and growth.

Sustainability Recognition

2020 Top 100

Lagos is listed in the 2020 Sustainable Top 100

QC Silver Award

Lagos holds a Quality Coast Silver award

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