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Torres Vedras

Why visit Torres Vedras

With 20 km of coastal area, rich historical heritage, and diverse gastronomy, this municipality in Portugal protects and promotes biodiversity and puts efforts into increasing soft mobility opportunities.
Torres Vedras’ coastline stands out for its fine golden sand beaches with two dune systems beyond them (Azul Beach and Santa Rita Beach), the two rivers Sizandro and Alcabrichel with thermal waters (Vimeiro and Cucos), as well as the Local Protected Landscape of Serras do Socorro & Archeira, rich in natural, cultural, and scenic heritage.
Read further to find out more about a green holiday in Torres Vedras!

Experience the beauty of Torres Vedras' landscape.

The extensive shore, the waves, the events and the touristic offer are some of the characteristics that make Santa Cruz a highlight of the 20 km of Torres Vedras’ coast.

Culture & Local Life

The municipality owns a network of cultural infrastructure – museums, interpretation centres, libraries, galleries, and a theatre – all of them with specific offers, organized in activities annual programs. Torres Vedras promotes slow tourism with the aim of promoting an authentic experience with positive impacts on the local economy and the preservation of natural resources. The Carnival is the highlight of the town's events, known as the most authentic Portuguese one in the country.


The municipality of Torres Vedras launched a guide for creating sustainable events, establishing 145 measures that should be adopted throughout 9 thematic areas. These measures, that are voluntary-based, aim to promote sustainability at the events taking place in the municipality.

Torres Vedras has actively participated in the sustainable tourism programs of QualityCoast and Green Destinations since 2007. For many years it has reached the highest (Platinum) Award level and was selected in the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100.

Torres Vedras recently completed the rehabilitation of Castro do Zambujal, a site of human occupation dating back to 5000 years ago. Because of this project the municipal council won the 2nd prize in the category “Best of Communities & Culture” of the Sustainable Destination Awards in March 2020.

Health & Safety

The tourism companies in Torres Vedras are adopting the “Clean and Safe” stamp of approval to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections.

The municipality is also actively monitoring its beaches to make sure all distancing rules are followed correctly. These measures will give extra assurance for visitors to start their green holiday in Torres Vedras.

Photo by @Leonid Andronov

Good Practice Story

The low rents made us forget the lack of infrastructure, the unsanitary of the houses, but also the serious problems that the Slaughterhouse was creating: The noise of the slaughtered animals; the odor of animal waste and blood. Many of these problems also affected the city, such as the manure, blood and corpses of animals left in Ribeira de Alpilhão. In addition to the Slaughterhouse itself, there were a number of activities around it, associated with this activity, notably the high number of chorizo producers. All these activities served to degrade the environmental conditions of the place and to remove many residents, who gradually began to be more demanding with regard to the living conditions they had.

Nature Experience

In 2012 the Municipality of Torres Vedras took the initiative to create the "Local Protected Landscape of Serras do Socorro and Archeira" (PPLSSA). This area is integrated into the National Network of Protected Areas because of its natural, historical, cultural, and landscape values. In order to protect classified heritage, the municipality worked hard for the rehabilitation of its main dune systems (Santa Rita Beach and Azul beach) and for the stabilization of cliffs.

Getting there

Reduce your footprint and try to travel by train or bus.
If you want to come by train, take the ‘’Oeste Line’’ from Lisbon to Caldas da Rainha or Coimbra and leave at the Torres Vedras station.
By bus you can get from many cities to Torres Vedras by taking the ‘’Rede Expressos” Bus.

Agostinhas - Bicicletas Urbanas de Torres Vedras

Getting around

The municipality of Torres Vedras presents a structured network of public transportation, managed by Barraqueiro Oeste. Nowadays, there are 4 available routes: yellow, blue, green and red lines. There are also rental bikes called “Agostinhas” to encourage people to use environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Travel tips from our editors

Separate waste

For separate waste disposal, remember this color code: GREEN bin for glass; BLUE for paper and cardboard; YELLOW for plastics; metal RED for batteries and BLACK for organic waste. There are usually separate WHITE containers for reusable clothing.


Visit the Town centre

Torres Vedras is the most extensive municipality in the Lisbon region. With a large variety of activities, restaurants, cafés and shops there is something to do for everyone at any time of the year. Read more about what to do in the Torres Vedras town centre.

Carnaval de Torres Vedras

The Carnival is the highlight of the town’s events. It has strong traditions in Torres Vedras, and is known as the most authentic Portuguese Carnival in the country, because it maintains the allegorical parades and processions of decorated floats, gigantones (giant carnival figures), and zés-pereiras (carnival rhythms), without yielding to foreign influences.

The 6-day Carnival in 2021 will start from 12 – 17 February.

Sustainability Recognitions


Torres Vedras was featured in the 2021 Top 100 Good Practice Story.

QC Platinum Award

Torres Vedras received the highest recognition for QualityCoast: Platinum Award.

Carlos Bernardes
Mayor of Torres Vedras

“Torres Vedras does not have any doubts that it has to make its way towards a sustainable future. For example, we initiated a program of small vegetable gardens in schools; decided to join the Paris “Pact for Impact”; and developed the Santa Cruz Declaration on Climate Change.”

The map below shows the sustainable tourism offer of Torres Vedras. It is best viewed on PC, laptop and tablet. On smartphone: open map in full screen mode (symbol right top) and touch the map to activate the locations in full screen.

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