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Hike and Bike in Torres Vedras

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan that Torres Vedras Municipality is implementing since 2018
defines new paths for sustainable mobility, namely modal change, individual transport
change for public transport and Soft Travel Modes in urban areas.

Sustainable Mobility

Torres Vedras Municipality actively participates in the European Mobility Week with educational initiatives in schools and public places with large flows of people,
to appeal to the need for modal change, from individual transport users to bicycle and pedestrian mode as means of transport,
with effective gains in GHG reduction.
Raising Awareness
Torres Vedras Municipality aims to develop specific actions in the field of sustainable mobility, focused on
training and awareness components among the school community and senior population and on matters such
as road safety, sustainable mobility, etc.
Speed Reduction to 30km/h
Torres Vedras Municipality is implementing better urban road safety conditions for circulation of different
smooth modes of transport, defining controlled speed reduction area of max. 30 km/h in schools areas,
as well as commercial and historic areas.
Urban network of pedestrian routes in the city of Torres Vedras. Promoting pedestrian mobility as a preferable mode for daily commuting in urban context.

Cycling in Torres Vedras

An extensive bike lane network is a crucial instrument for reducing carbon emissions
and other greenhouse gases, particularly in urban areas.

Bike Lines

The Municipality has completed over 12.3 km of cycle paths in the city that connects different city core that create flows, like commerce and services area and schools. The bike lane network invite to use bicycles as a means of transport for daily life routes and for short distances. The bike lane network is also enhanced by the public bike sharing system implemented by Torres Vedras Municipality called “Agostinhas”.

Bike Sharing System

Torres Vedras Bike sharing system is a project running since June 2013, the bicycles called “Agostinhas” are available every day of the week between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m, for citizens over 14 years and for a maximum use span of 4 hours, after which the bicycle must be returned to any bike station. A total of 20 bike stations are operating in the city, covering 8km2 area in the city center; it is expected to include also electric bicycle beside traditional ones.


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