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Bison Land
Nature Park Vânători Neamț

Where bison and legends roam free

Why visit Bison Land - Nature Park Vânători Neamț

In Bison Land nature, spirituality, culture, and traditions coexist and mix in a special way. Vânători Neamț Nature Park area is a good example of keeping, protecting, and growing the diversity of the fauna and flora in the region.
Here you can look for bison in the wild, find proof of the Cucuteni century, medieval monuments, and traces of the casemates from World War II. You can see monastic villages in the area called Romanian Athos. The hospitality of the local people will make your Bison Land green trip even more joyful.

Bison land shelters a priceless spiritual and natural heritage. Depending on what interests you, you can look for bison in their natural environment, but also visit the monastic village unique in Europe.

In the winter holidays lots of traditions are brought to life: on the 2nd of January the streets of Târgu Neamț are animated with groups of dancing “bears”, “goats”, and “arnăuți”. It is a day full of mysticism.

Culture & Local Life

The traditions in the area are an important part of the daily life: you can encounter handcrafts made with wood, clay, or textile, taste the delicious local gastronomy, or the life at the sheepfold.
The Cucuteni culture is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe. Advancing in history, the medieval times are well represented in the area and at the beginning of July you can enjoy the Medieval Festival.
The importance of the Jewish community is underlined by the Synagogue and the cemetery. Here was the final front from World War II.
Bison Land - Photo by Felicia Aron

Getting there

Depending on which side of the destination you are coming from, there are different ways to start your Bison Land green trip: If you come from Lași there are several buses and trains. From Suceava, Piatra Neamț, Brașov,Târgu Mureș, and Bucharest you can take a bus. If you come from Cluj Napoca or from Bucharest you can take the train. The main point of the destination is Târgu Neamț town.

Getting Around, Bison Land - Photo by Lucian Iancu

Getting around

The best way to explore and enjoy the area of Bison Land during your green trip is with the bicycle, as the destination is not a large one. There are also some buses to different parts of the destination and beyond, but they are not very frequent. The easiest way is by car.

Nature & Wildlife

Bison Land is the only place in Europe where bison can be seen roaming free in the forest, in the acclimatization area, and in captivity at the same time. The program of reintroducing the bison in the wild is a successful one, and more than 15 calves were born free in the last 5 years.
From mountains to hills and flatland, more then 3000 species of fauna and flora can be seen in the Bison Land, in the 4 protected areas. The oldest salt water spring is more then 8000 years old, and was the final front of the World War II.
Pnvnt - Photo by Dan Ciuca


Sustainability is a priority of the region: we focus on preserving the natural and cultural heritage we have; we pay attention to keeping and growing the biodiversity; we work on reducing the pollution and waste and save energy. Furthermore, the opinion of the visitors is taken into account through monitoring activities.

Traditional house in Bison Land -Photo by Mihai Moiceanu

Health and Safety

Bison Land is a safe place for a green trip: the majority of the destination is a rural area surrounded by nature, which helps to keep the virus away. However, we also strictly follow rules and restrictions: the pensions have procedures in order to assure the safety of their guests; the museum and cultural places take measures such as a limited number of visitors at a time, mandatory mask use, and special paths for entrances and exits. Shops, terraces, and restaurants also take measures in order to assure the distance between people and offer disinfectant. Masks are required in closed spaces. Moreover, we are keeping the tourism-related businesses and community close and informed in order to be sure everything is fine and safe.

Travel tips from our editors

Bison Safari, Bison Land - Photo by Felicia Aron
Bison Safari

Do you enjoy taking pictures of wildlife or you are interested in biodiversity? Then Bison Safari is for you.
Looking for bison in their natural habitat or in a large acclimatization area is a great experience. A meeting with a bison without any barrier between you and the animal is an adventure which activates a lot of emotions. You will see not only bison, but you will also observe the beautiful landscapes of the region. You can find out more about the connection between bison and a healthy biodiversity. 

The experience is organized with rangers from Nature Park Vânători Neamț, and needs prior reservation.

Bison Land - Photo by Dan Ciuca
A day in a shepherd's life

The pastoral life and activity is one of the main activities in our rural area. From spring to late autumn (depending on the weather) the surroundings of the villages, the hills all around are painted with white dots. The sheepfolds show the connection between human life and nature. Here you can enjoy some hours at a sheepfold, to taste the fresh cheese or milk and enjoy traditional recipes cooked in the middle of nature. If you want you can also practice some of the activities which are done during a day in a sheepfold.

Brunch in Bison Land
Brunch in Bison Land
You can enjoy our tasty gastronomy throughout the year. Depending on the season, you can try different recipes cooked with ingredients which are specific to the time of year. Mainly during the summer, gastronomic events are organized where local food lovers prepare the best recipes they know. This happens in nature, in a picturesque place. Additionally, there are different activities organized during the event (trips, creative, cultural activities) to make the afternoon a great memory. 
If you come as a group, we can also organize an event for you, if we are informed beforehand. There can also be a variation of the event, where you find out how we prepare the food.
Biking in Bison Land - Photo by Ana Moiceanu
Hike & Bike

Around the destination there is a variety of trails which can be done by foot or by bike, depending on your needs, training, and availability. You can explore the forests, the hills, and villages to enjoy the clean air, the traditional houses, and the beauty of the rural landscapes. You can rent a bike in Târgu Neamț (from Le Petite Roulotte Creperie), where there are some bikes. If you travel in the forest, please pay attention to wild animals, and on the hills there can be sheepfold and dogs (mainly from March to October).

Birdwatching, Bison Land - Photo by Dumitrel Ungureanu

The area of the Nature Park Vânători Neamț has a rich biodiversity. Here you can see a variety of bird species. Thanks to the relief, protected areas or the seasons all throughout the year you can enjoy the views, and take great pictures in Bison Land. We recommend you also visit the observatory built close to the visitor center of Nature Park Vânători Neamț.

Medieval Bison Land - Photo by Lucian Iancu
Medieval Festival

During the weekend closest to the 2nd of July you can see ladies and knighthood on the streets. Why? Because the entire town of Târgu Neamț is celebrating the medieval times. There are 3 days full of events (concerts, demonstrations, workshops, games). Tasty recipes are prepared for everybody who would like to try. We invite you to come during these days to find out more about the medieval times in the area of Neamt Citadel.

Artisan, Bison Land - Photo by Mihai Bulai
Meet an artisan
The traditional crafts are still alive in the region and the artisans are happy to share their passion and their knowledge. If you want to discover the traditions in the regions, or to enjoy your creativity, we recommend you look for a workshop to create your own piece of art with clay, wood, or textile.
Winter traditions, Bison Land - Photo by Lucian Iancu
Festival of winter holidays
The winter holidays are full of joy and traditions. In the Bison Land, on the last days of the year, but also the beginning of January, different festivities are organized to celebrate Christmas and New Year all over the destination. The most important event is on the 2nd of January in Târgu Neamț. The streets of the town are animated by groups of masked people. On the streets you can meet goats, bears, “arnăuți”, or other characters. This is a must-see if you travel to Romania during the winter.

Sustainability Recognition

2021 Top 100 Logo

Bison Land was selected in the both the 2020 and 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories.
In 2018 and 2019 it received a distinction for
the Best of Nature and Wildlife

What does it mean?

  1. They have shown at least 60% compliance with the Green Destinations Core Criteria.
  2. They have submitted a story that was selected to the list for its innovative, effective and / or transferable good management practice.

Bison Land Good Practice Story

Bison Land submitted Good Practice Story’s. It was about Reintroduction of European Bison species in Romania, giving opportunity for eco-tourism product. Read the full story here.

Sebastian Catanoiu, Director at Administration of Nature Park Vânători Neamț
Sebastian Cătănoiu
Director at Administration of Nature Park Vânători Neamț

The biodiversity is an important aspect to care of, moreover in a protected area. Sebastian Cătănoiu is passionate about what he is doing. One of his main objectives is to protect nature. The strategy he is using is to also involve the community and to make people aware of the value of what surrounds us, the natural heritage, and at the same time highlighting the connection between nature, culture, history, spirituality and humanity. He is also the initiator of the ecotourism destination Bison Land.

Viorela Chiper, Destination Manager of Bison Land- photo Andrei Stefan
Viorela Chiper
Destination Manager – Bison Land

Being passionate of what surrounds us: she sees the beauty and the value in all what matters. She believes the cooperation is an important way to succeed in something that includes a community, and that is why one of the main strategies she is taking into account is to discover, help, and bring to the same table everyone who may benefit and have a word to spend about the sustainable development of Bison Land.


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