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North Island

The ultimate experience in barefoot luxury with a conscience

Why visit North Island

Some 30km from the main island of Mahé, North Island enjoys private seclusion within the Inner Islands group of the Seychelles. The luminous white beaches surround a tropical interior of palms and forest, cradled between three granite outcrops, and surrounded by the azure ocean. North Island ecotravel  is unashamedly aimed at providing the very best in privacy, location, accommodation, services, facilities and experience. Conservation and sustainability are at the core of North Island’s philosophy. The Noah’s Ark project aims to rehabilitate natural habitats so that they can become a sanctuary for the endemic fauna and flora of the Seychelles.

North Island endeavors to not only safeguard the environment it operates in, but also to minimize its impact on that environment from the operations of the resort. The island provides a meaningful opportunity for our guests to interact with, and be part of the conservation story of the island through tailored experiences around the island.

The conservation goals of North Island are at the heart of the island’s philosophy and prove that luxury tourism and conservation can go hand-in-hand.

Nature and Wildlife

North Island’s Noah’s Ark project aims to provide a sanctuary for the endemic fauna and flora of the Seychelles. The island is home to over 100 free-roaming Aldabra Giant Tortoises and is an important nesting ground for the Endangered Green Turtle and Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtle. Adult nesting females can be observed nesting on the 4 pristine beaches, and hatchlings emerge in the quiet of the night making their way to the water. North Island is home to four endemic bird species, including the charismatic Seychelles White Eye which was successfully introduced to the island in 2007.

Getting there

North Island is a mere 15min helicopter trip or an hour boat trip away from the mainland. While on the island we encourage our guests to plant indigenous trees as part of our habitat rehabilitation project and in an effort to offset the carbon costs of the helicopter flight. Likewise, transport on the island is kept as environmentally friendly as possible. Guests and staff can explore the island by making use of the island bicycles, electric golf buggies or on foot.

Getting around

Each Villa has its own dedicated Island Buggy, giving guests the freedom to move about the island at their own leisure. Bicycles are also available for guest use, offered in adult and children’s sizes. The island’s giant tortoise population provide the only traffic, crossing roads at a leisurely pace to and from their preferred fruiting trees. There are also several walking and hiking trails that guests can use to explore the island, whether by themselves or with an experience guide.

Health and Safety

The Seychelles has started opening its borders for tourists, which will be done in phases, so that guests can return and enjoy this stunning destination. Strict protocols are being implemented by the Government of Seychelles to ensure the safety of the Seychelles population and visiting guests. North Island is ensuring that all health and safety precautions are being implemented and followed as recommended by the Ministry of Health. All surfaces are sanitized every two hours and sanitizer gel is found in all public and staff areas. All our staff have gone through training regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and to ensure that all areas on the island are kept clean and sanitized at all times.


The goals of sustainability are incorporated into all aspects of North Island’s operations, from the selection of environmentally friendly hotel amenities and Spa products to the chemicals used on the island for cleaning purposes. Strict measures are put in place to minimize the consumption of single-use plastics, and to ensure that all waste produced by the island is minimized and placed in the correct recycling streams. Water and energy consumption are also carefully monitored and controlled. In an initiative to remove plastic water bottles from the island, North Island bottles its own water in re-usable glass bottles using a Vivreau Water Purification plant.

Travel tips from our editors

Explore the Seychelles Archipelago

Guests staying on North Island have the opportunity to visit other islands within the Seychelles archipelago. Depending on guest preferences, they can choose to hire one of North Island’s boats, or a larger vessel from a charter company. North Island ecotravel works closely with Mason’s Travel, a leading destination management company in the Seychelles, who assist with tours and excursions and ensure our guests get the best Seychelles experience while visiting other islands.

Get Involved

North Island’s guests can participate in a variety of conservation activities by assisting the island’s environmental team in monitoring the beaches for nesting sea turtles, collecting ocean trash that washes up, assisting with forest rehabilitation through the planting of endemic trees, and recording key marine species on dives using specially designed underwater slates. North Island has recently erected an Environment Centre where guests can learn about the island’s fauna and flora and enquire about the various conservation projects on the island.

Land Activities

Land Activities: Island bicycles, available in adult and children’s sizes, are provided for guest use and are suitable for getting from one side of the island to the other with ease. There are 3 hiking trails on the island and these can be enjoyed privately or with a guide accompanying you, providing additional information about the island’s history and conservation goals as you explore the forests.

Turtle Viewing

Depending on the time of the year, guests may be lucky enough to witness nesting sea turtles or turtle hatchlings under the guidance of the Environment team.

Yoga and SPA

Complementary Yoga classes are run by the island’s yoga instructors every morning and private classes can be arranged at the island gym or in the comfort of guests’ villas. The island’s Spa, located on the dramatic granite ledges of Spa Hill provide the perfect opportunity for relaxation and pampering.

Water Activities

North Island ecotravel offers Scuba Diving courses and guided scuba experiences, taking advantage of the stunning dive sites around North Island and its neighboring islands. There are excellent snorkeling sites around North Island and Silhouette Island. Masks and fins are available at the island’s Dive Centre for guests wishing to explore these sites, either on their own or in the company of a Dive Centre staff member. Sea kayaks are also available for those wishing to explore the island from the water. Fishing trips and Sunset Cruises are also offered together with boating and island hopping.

Sustainability Recognition

TOP 100 2020 logo

North Island participated in the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination

CJ Havemann
Environment and Landscaping Manager

CJ was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. CJ’s love for the bush started at a young age, which resulted in him choosing ecology as his career path. CJ has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences and a MSc in Zoology from the University of Pretoria. CJ has worked on many ecological projects, ranging from coastal dune forest restoration to studying the nocturnal habits of aardwolf. CJ joined the North Island team in April 2014 and his ecological work continues to embrace North Island’s comprehensive rehabilitation and conservation plan dubbed “the Noah’s Ark project”, which aims to turn back the hands of time and restore the Island back to its original habitat.

Tarryn Havemann
Conservation Coordinator

Tarryn’s love of nature and travel stemmed from travelling abroad with her family from a young age. She decided to persue Zoology as a vocation and completed her undergraduate and Masters degrees at the University of Pretoria. Her passion for conservation work led her to an eco-tourism company based in Botswana where she found that luxury tourism and conservation could work hand in hand to safeguard natural environments. This paved the way for her move to North Island where she is able to interact with guests and staff on the importance of conservation works and sustainability, two points close to her heart.

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