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Bratislava Region

The smallest yet most diverse region of Slovakia

Why visit Bratislava Region

Bratislava Region is the smallest region in Slovakia in terms of size, but with the variety of remarkable places it is definitely one of the most interesting! There are outstanding viewpoints, beautiful forests, bike paths along the Danube river, impressive historical and sacred sites that you can enjoy on your green holiday in Bratislava Region.
Bratislava Region has its very own little hotspots, where it can be experienced to its fullest: Záhorie – (west of the capital) is a natural paradise in which pine forests dominate. The Little Carpathians (north of the capital) decorate vineyards. Here you can experience folk tradition very close and good wine and excellent food is provided.
Senec and Podunajsko (Danube area) is mainly associated with the Danube river and is characterized by the water tourism such as canoeing, sailing and rafting. Here you can find hot springs and outdoor swimming pools are open all year round. And finally, of course, the metropolis of Bratislava with its vibrant, lively happenings.

Bratislava Region is the smallest region in Slovakia in terms of size, but with the variety of remarkable places it is definitely one of the most interesting including the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.

Little Carpathians (north of the capital) decorate vineyards. Here you can experience folk tradition very close and good wine and excellent food is provided.

Culture & Local Life

Bratislava Region is famous for its rich history, delicious gastronomy, special vines and cultural heritage. Over the whole region there are castles and manor houses which are worth visiting: Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle, Red Stone Castle, Budmerice Manor House, the ruins of Plavecký Castle and Pajštún Castle.
Typical source of livelihood of many locals has been viniculture and vine production. A must see are beautiful historical vine cellars on the Little Carpathian Wine Route as well as grape harvest festivals and wine tasting events held during the whole year.
Green holiday in Bratislava Region

Getting there

Bratislava as the capital of Slovakia is a gate to the Bratislava Region. You may arrive by train, by bus or by riverboat. The main railway station (Hlavná stanica) is not one of Bratislava’s jewels but is relatively small and easy to get around. Bratislava’s bus station (Autobusová stanica) is connected to the city center and the main railway station by trolleybus route. It is also possible to reach Bratislava by riverboat from Vienna or even Budapest. The passenger terminal is on the Danube embankment right next to the old town. For more information please visit LOD or Twin City Liner,

Green holiday in Bratislava Region

Getting around

Bratislava is an attractive cosy city visited for its pleasant atmosphere and emotion, compact historic city center where everything is within easy reach with possibilities of rich cultural life. We recommend you buy Bratislava CARD which is the official tourist destination card. It includes 16 free entries to museums and galleries, free tours, public transport, discounts to local shops up to 50%. Please click here for public transport schedule information.

In Bratislava, there is plenty of bike routes and two of them are international: EuroVelo 6 (Danube Cycle Route) and EuroVelo 13 (Iron Curtain Trail). Please click here for more information.

Nature & Wildlife

With green forests, meadows, blue lakes and rivers, a green holiday in Bratislava Region offers a wide range of nature experiences. You may go for a walk through vineyards, hiking to the Little Carpathians, picking mushrooms in pine forests of Záhorie, explore abandoned mines in forest and significant geologic sites or enjoy breathtaking views from lookout towers.
You also may try swimming in natural lakes, playing golf, make boat trip on the Danube river, Little Danube or Morava, try different types of water sports including fishing on the Sunny lakes or Danube.
Green holiday in Bratislava Region


Bratislava Region takes steps to become more sustainable, more responsible and more attractive tourist destination. Green and sustainable mobility has been supported through seasonal tourist transport such as Summer express Záhoráčik (local train with bike carriage) and Little Carpathian Express (bus with possibility of transporting bikes). The aim is to take visitors of Bratislava out of the city to the region, to connect cycle routes and to make region more accesible as well as car-free. In Bratislava Region people should slow down, stay a few days, experience local traditions, enjoy culture, taste local gastronomy and simply savour the region.

health and safety bratislava

Health and Safety

Responsible and careful approach is what made Slovakia, including Bratislava, one the safest countries and places to be anywhere in the world during the COVID-19 crisis. In order to maintain this, the pandemic measures have become stricter since October, since we have seen an increase in the number of new cases. Below you can find a set of current measures that are applicable in Slovakia, as well as practical advices how to proceed and act during this period. Please read here and here to find all current information on the corona measures.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region

Good Practice Story

There was a need to create more suitable conditions for sustainable development and economic growth of the subregion Záhorie. And the key success factor was a transportation solution – creation of sustainable connection of Záhorie with Bratislava. Summer express Záhoráčik supports sustainable and soft mobility thanks to bike carriage. Záhoráčik was the first express of its kind in Slovakia and served as a good practice example for other regions of Slovakia. Today, in Slovakia we have 10 summer trains which are connecting interesting tourist spots that were hardly accessible.

Travel tips from our editors

Danube and Little Danube
Danube and Little Danube trips

Experience the main flow of Danube with its natural beaches, the real wilderness of Danube floodplains and Little Danube with its bottomland forest, watch birds, water lilies and other kinds of fauna and flora typical for this region. Relax with respect to the nature.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
Wine region experiences

Wine tasting, delicious gastronomy, historical wine cellars, romantic sunsets in vineyards, picturesque views, hearty locals – all of this offers Little Carpathian Wine Route.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
Night under the stars

Spent a night in a treehouse and escape from the bustle of the city. Enjoy an unforgettable evening with glass of wine on the terrace in silent and peaceful forest overlooking the scenic Carpathian countryside.

Explore historical legacy of noble families
Explore historical legacy of noble families

Explore historical legacy of noble families. Thanks to its position in the centre of Europe, the cultures of the West and East have met in Slovakia over a history spanning several thousands of years. From Celtic settlements, through the remains of Roman fortifications, manors and fortified castles of the Ugrian nobility, medieval mining towns, German settlers, the easternmost Gothic sites in Europe, Renaissance and Baroque palaces, Greek Catholic and Orthodox wooden churches, Jewish synagogues and cemeteries, and the interwar functionalism and socialist realism of expanding cities to current projects reflecting the latest trends.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius runs between Velehrad in Moravia, through the Slovak historical centres of Devín, Nitra and Bojná, through the Hungarian Zalavár, down to Thessaloniki in Greece and Rome in Italy. The Cultural Route is based on a strong historical story and cultural foundations laid down in the distant past by the Thessaloniki brothers for the European community. 

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
Iron Curtain Trail

Iron Curtain Trail Iron Curtain Trail starts in Slovakia at the border checkpoint Hohenau – Moravský Sv. Ján and continues in closer or further distances from the border through the villages of Malé Leváre, Gajary, Suchohrad, Záhorská Ves, Vysoká pri Morave, Devínska Nová Ves and Devín to Bratislava and from there to Petržalka and the Austrian town of Kittsee. In Slovakia, the trail is more than 87 km long and leads on asphalt routes of varying quality, mostly with minimal or without any traffic. It is marked by standard Slovak system of sign posting (the red cycle route), accompanied by the logo Euro Velo 13 Iron Curtain Trail.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
Volunteer work

There are several possibility for volunteer work during your green holiday in Bratislava Region, such as cleaning the Little Danube or forest cleaning. Other interesting activities are harvesting grape and cultivating vineyards.

Green holiday in Bratislava Region
Hike and Bike

Try newly opened mountain bike trail across Little Carpathians. It starts in saddle Pezinská Baba, leads through Čermákova lúka, saddle Hubalová, Skalka, Sklená Huta, Amonova lúka and ends at crossroads of cycle paths Červená hora. Its unpaved mountain bike trail suitable for more experienced bikers. Please find here other tips for sign-posted biking routes.

While visiting Modra you need to try pump track in Modra – Piesok (Zochova chata). It is also possible to rent bikes during your green holiday in Bratislava Region, just find a Bratislava Bike Point closest to you.

Sustainability Recognition

2021 Top 100 Logo
Bratislava Region was selected to both the 2020 and 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories. So far it is the only Slovak destination certified by Green Destinations.

What does it mean?

  1. They have shown at least 60% compliance with the Green Destinations Core Criteria. Check out their scorecard to see their performance on each criterion.
  2. They have submitted a story that was selected to the list for its innovative, effective and / or transferable good management practice.

Bratislava Region Good Practice Story

Bratislava Region submitted Good Practice Story’s. It was about to bring tourism in the whole region of Bratislava, green transports and accommodations are created. Read the full story here.


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