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Nature for real

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Why visit Åsnen

Welcome to waters and tranquillity. Åsnen is a unique and untouched lake archipelago with more than 1000 islands and 700 km of wild shoreline. Discover Sweden’s newest national park, located right here, with valuable and unique natural environments for your green Åsnen holiday. Experience Åsnen with all your senses through different activities – on land and on water. Åsnen is located in northern Europe, easily accessible in many sustainable ways. Welcome to Nature for real!
Visit the destination’s official website here.

A wilderness of forests and waters where you can go hiking, biking or kayaking - or why not experience a combination of all three! Åsnen is a paradise for calm outdoor activities on nature's own terms.

Bjurkärr is part of Åsnen National Park. An atmospheric broadleaf forest and a diverse bird environment with rare lichens and insects. In this video nature guide Emil Persson describes some of the things growing on a beech tree in Bjurkärr.

Åsnen green holiday


Åsnen is a nature destination where locals and visitors can make active contributions to the preservation of the diversity of the environment. Åsnen does this by acting with care, caution and respect towards the fauna and the environment, and also through supporting the local economy. The nature guide book “ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in South Sweden” is a nice tool for nature & wildlife tips and sustainable places to visit on your Åsnen green holiday.

Åsnen green holiday

Health and Safety

Nature destinations such as Åsnen are not crowded. It is easy to keep a safe distance with others as most experiences take place outdoors. You will probably be alone when kayaking or canoeing on Lake Åsnen. Hiking and biking paths are wide and long, you easily can avoid other people. The government also advises to stay at home if you feel sick, to stay at least 2 m away from each other, to wash your hands often, and not to gather in groups larger than 50 people.

Culture & Local Life

The area is teeming with cultural heritage and has a rich landscape. Apple meadow orchards are of national interest, they are carefully preserved with cattle. The landscape is open and lively; stone walls and a tradition of telling stories, are part of this.
Locals are careful and keen to preserve the local traditions and cultural heritage. Authentic experiences and traditional events like Midsummer celebrations, Walpurgis bonfires, haymaking, farmer’s markets, etc. are popular. They are famous among both locals and visitors.

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Åsnen green trip

Getting There

The Åsnen area is located in south Sweden. Travelling by train is both fast and convenient. You can reach the Åsnen area by train from Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen in about 2-4 hours. Alvesta is a hub for railway traffic and is located about 15 km from the Åsnen area. Rent a bike that you pick up in central Alvesta, e.g. via, and cycle to Åsnen along a car-free cycling trail. Bus travel is also an option, of course.

Åsnen green trip

Getting Around

Cycling is one of the best ways to experience the area during your Åsnen green holiday. On a bike, you meet colours, smells and tastes that always will stay with you when you think back on your stay in Åsnen. Several cycling routes lead through the destination – many of which are marked with signs and are completely car-free. Be aware that some roads are shared with motor traffic, though. Find bike route suggestions on the website

Nature and Wildlife

Åsnen is a place where you can enjoy silence and calmness without crowding. Several of Åsnen’s 1000 islands haven’t had any human impact for years. They are inhabited by rare birds that are sensitive to disruption, such as the white-tailed eagle and osprey. The wildlife also is rich and you may even glimpse a lynx, otter or a moose in the forest. One of Europe’s most valuable broadleaf forests is located here, and during early summer the tall-trunked beech forest forms a glittering roof. The combination of broadleaves and wood slowly decomposing and becoming new life, explains much of the local biodiversity.

Photo © Alexander Hall

Åsnen green holiday tips from our editors

Asnen Green Holiday

Map of the Åsnen area

When going out on the lake, don’t forget to bring the Map of the Åsnen area. It is available for purchase at many locations near the lake as well as at the tourist information centres. The map is a guide to approx. 1000 islands of the archipelago, containing current information on everything from bird protection areas, access bans, campsites, and rest stops.

Åsnen green holiday

A multitude of possibilities

A nice way to experience the islands and inland lake archipelago is by canoeing. But it is also possible to bike around the entire lake. Hiking can be done year-round and any tour around the lake will be sure to take in plenty of local culture as well. Many visitors are attracted by the exciting fishing opportunities for pike and pike-perch.

Åsnen green holiday

Stay the night

The Åsnen area offers several kinds of accommodation. Enjoy a comfortable stay at a small-scale, local B&B, or spend the night at a campsite in a cabin, cottage or a tent. You will always be close to the peaceful nature and the lake and its islands. Note that it is not allowed to pitch a tent in the nature reserves of the area or in Åsnen National Park.

Sustainability Recognitions

2021 Top 100 Logo

Åsnen was selected to both the 2020 and 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories.

GD Gold logo

Åsnen also received the Green Destinations Gold Award in 2019.

GD_Award_Logo 2022-PLATINUM

Congratulations to Åsnen for the Green Destinations Platinum Award 2022.

What does it mean?

  1. They have shown at least 60% compliance with the Green Destinations Core Criteria
  2. They have submitted a story that was selected to the list for its innovative, effective and / or transferable good management practice.

Åsnen Good Practice Story

Åsnen submitted a Good Practice Story. It was about redesigned to accommodate the rising tourism interest while protecting the natural habitat. Read the full story here.


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