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North East and Yilan Coast
National Scenic Area

Sun, sand and sea are the basics

Why visit North East and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (NEYC)

NEYC is located in the North East of Taiwan that can be easily reached by a 60-100 minutes train ride from Taipei city. The coast length is 102.5 km with geological diverse landscapes and local fishing communities. Besides swimming and surfing, visitors can enjoy sailboarding, canoeing, dolphin-watching, biking, fishing and volcanic island observation.
The International Sand Sculpture Festival and HO-HAI-YAN Rock Music Festival are popular seasonal events to explore. NEYC is an ecotravel destination of various activities and native cultural life!

Love in the North East and Yilan Coast

Explore Guishan Island

Culture & Local Life

Taiwan is a safe country (36th out of 163 countries nominated by Global the Peace Index) and the public transportation network is convenient to reach NEYC. Since 2020 the DMO has put effort into promting sustainability with local business, to reduce waste and protect the whole area. NEYC encourages tour operators to implement sustainable standards to make life in NEYC better and more responsible.
North East and Yilan Coast

Getting there

It is easy and convenient to make an ecotravel by train or bus to the NEYC area. For more information click here.

North East and Yilan Coast

Getting around

To visit the Northeast Coast Taiwan, take a train or bus, which is fairly convenient. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle provides a special package choice in 2 area routes for people to explore Fulong and Zhuangwei. You can find more information about Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus and Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route by clicking here. If you are a bike lover, cycling is the best choice to experience and travel by bike lane system along the coastal area.

Nature & Wildlife

Hike and bike through a historical train tunnel.
Experience geological diversity along the coast.
Enjoying submarine hot spring scenery and wild dolphins along turtle island.
Unexpected pleasure surfing, snorkeling and gourmet seafood awaits you to explore!
green holidays. Guishan Island, Taiwan. good travel


NEYC started to implement the Green Destinations Program in 2016, and sustainability is the main commitment. The destination management organisation makes efforts to preserve its rich nature and culture heritage, using sustainable policy and building up monitoring systems to minimize the negative impact of tourism, including reduction of pollution, carbon emissions, waste, and saving energy. It started to monitor tourists and locals satisfaction to improve visitor management and conservation from 2019. Now, NEYC ecotravel is working on encouraging business sectors to adopt sustainable actions.

NEYC Ecotravel

Health and safety

Having learnt from SARS in 2003, Taiwan’s response to Covid-19 was swift without having to implement a national lockdown. Hotels, shops and restaurants remain open, but they still need to provide self assessment documentation to the tourism bureau regularly. A strong dedicated public national health agency with most citizens following public health recommendations, has meant that it’s always been safe to travel within Taiwan. Due to strong border controls, there are low numbers of tourists from neighbouring countries so it is perfect to enjoy the Yilan coast and be at one with the beauty of the coastal landscape. Read more about their Covid story on this blog post.

NEYC Ecotravel

Good Practice Story

“Tamsui Kavalan Culture Trail” is the first major Taiwanese road network in history to connect the inland to the coast (Taiwan Strait and further to the Western Pacific Ocean). As history moved forward, official, commercial, and public trails emerged to serve the needs of rulers, conquerors, and governments. Ancient trails are gradually falling into decay, while the functions and the industries of the villages are in urgent need of a transition.

The Tamsui-Kavalan Cultural Trails are now resurrected gradually which make local people and youth admire tradition again and be proud to pass down precious legacy. The project also provides another choice for the community to make a living by a more sustainable way.

Good places in North East and Yilan Coast

The map below shows the sustainable tourism offer of North East and Yilan Coast. It is best viewed on PC, laptop and tablet. On smartphone: open map in full screen mode (symbol right top) and touch the map to activate the locations in full screen.
Pa Fan Keng teahouse Taiwan business
Logo Green Travel Seal

We recommend these places because they are committed to responsible tourism.
These accommodations are certified by the Green Travel Seal.

See the interactive map above for the location of the Good Places in NEYC.

Travel tips from our editors

North East and Yilan Coast
Historical Old Caoling Loop Bicycle Line

Riding your bike through the Old Caoling Tunnel to Shicheng and connecting to the Northeast Coast bike lanes, and then following the Pacific Ocean coast line, past the Lai Lai erosion platforms, Magang Fishing Village, Mao’ao stone house and Sandiao Cape Lighthouse, you will be standing at the very east point of Taiwan and experience the coastal geology and plant ecology. After that you can tour the Maoao Fishing Village and return via Fulong. The entire journey is about 20 km. Also, Caoling Historic Trail is a branch of Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails, an extensive network with a long history located across Taipei Basin and Yilan Plain. It allows hikers to see Taiwan’s rich ethnic heritage and beautiful natural landscapes Visitors can start off from Fulong.

NEYC Ecotravel
Seaweed jelly for hot days!

Seaweed jelly is made with agar, a local specialty water plant of the Northeast Coast. February to April is the time for the harvest in the lunar calendar. Agar must be cooked so that it can turn into jelly for the gelatin that it contains. In fact, agar is rich in water soluble dietary fiber, gelatin and polysaccharide that can be used for food therapy. Fruits and flavorings can be added to the jelly. Seaweed jelly is chewy and smooth – a perfect, cooling dessert for a hot summer day!

Dolphins, NEYC
Volcano Island with dolphins

The small, solitary Guishan Island is located about 10 km off the coast of Toucheng in Yilan County. It has a volcanic terrain that, from certain angles, looks like a turtle floating in the sea. Among the features of the island are high cliffs, steaming fumaroles, welling underwater hot springs, mountain peaks, sea-eroded caves, a lake, and unique cliff vegetation, as well as rich marine ecological resources. It is a perfect place to study volcanic terrain and the natural ecology. Dolphin-watching is a popular activity for tourists and it is recommend to choose dolphin friendly label tour operators to support responsible tourism. Taiwanese lily is also an attraction and the best season for flower viewing is in March and April.

NEYC Ecotravel
Crabs on the wok's edge

Guishan Island is the only active volcano in Taiwan where a new species of hydrothermal crab, Xenograpsus testudinatums – “Crabs on the wok’s edge” survives under such a harsh environment. It is an active volcano with high-temperature hydrothermal vents that spew sulfuric acid and extremely toxic volcanic gases. Steam and sulfur from the ubiquitous hydrothermal vents fill the water. It’s a forbidding environment just like the wasteland resulting from a volcanic eruption. The crab is an endemic species of Taiwan which is toxic and inedible.

NEYC Ecotravel
Suggested trips and tours

To enjoy the full experience of NEYC ecotravel, you can participate in one of these trips and tours:

  • Hitorical Old Caoling Loop Bicycle LINE 20KM.
  • Marine and Island Tourism – Experience Turtle Island – Whale Watching or Volcano Island Guishan Island Ecological day tour.
  • Fishing Community Tourism – Traditional fish-catching.
Jiufen Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan
Useful information

It’s beneficial to hold on to these important number during your NEYC Ecotravel visit.
Tourism Bureau 24-Hour Toll-Free Travel Information Hotline: 0800-011765.
Emergency numbers: 119. Taiwan’s country code is +886. In case of real emergency, please use 112. This number is the emergency number for fire, police and ambulance throughout Taiwan. For more information-Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration please visit this website or Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Sustainability Recognition

2021 Top 100 Logo

NEYC was selected to both the 2020 and 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories.

Gold Award Green Destination GD award

In 2020 NEYC achieved the Green Destination Gold Award

2020 ITB Best of Asia-Pacific

In 2020 NEYC's Good Practice Story was selected as Best of Asia Pacific

What does it mean?

  1. They have shown at least 60% compliance with the Green Destinations Core Criteria
  2. They have submitted a story that was selected to the list for its innovative, effective and / or transferable good management practice.


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