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Sun Moon Lake

Why visit Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Low-carbon emitting travel is the focal point of promotion of this destination. Sun Moon Lake is one of the most important hydroelectric power producing areas in Taiwan. Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy based on the appropriate use of environmental conditions. With the circulation of water in Sun Moon Lake generating electricity and tourism development efforts, this has been a popular destination for many years. By integrating indigenous culture and ecological conservation awareness building, as well as cable car system, electric boats and cycling paths, it is expected that tourism development here will continue to progress toward eco-friendly and sustainable travel.

Good To Know

Sustainability Practice Story

Single-us plastics are a serious threat to the environment worldwide. With tea being a big attraction in the destination, which is commonly distributed in single-use cups, the destination decided to tackle this problem in an innovative approach. To encourage the use of reusable cups, cup rental stations were set up with the possibility to check availability and track the footprint of the cup on the phone through an app. Free Drinking Water stations were also set up to reduce plastic water bottles additionally to awarness campaign to raise general awarness of waste reduction.


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Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area was selected
in the 2019 and 2020 Sustainable Destinations Top 100
To protect the beauty and resources of Sun Moon Lake and pass on cultural heritage and industries, the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration promotes sustainable tourism with low carbon footprint. Increase in public transportation routes has created greater convenience for visitors from Sun Moon Lake to other destinations. The well thought out public transit schedule is more attractive than driving, thereby avoiding traffic congestion and difficulty in parking. In addition, tour itineraries lead visitors to understand the local ecosystems, ways of life, and traditions which increases concern for their preservation.

Sun Moon Lake has been evaluated on the Green Destinations Core Criteria. Check out their scorecard to see their performance on each criterion.


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