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Chiang Khan

Why visit Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan: a city engraved with exquisite architecture of 100-year-old wooden houses, lined with breathtaking views of the Mekong River. Moreover, the life and culture of the Chiang Khan people are charming and unique. With a traditional way of life such as sticky rice almsgiving and many other activities, these impressions are always the worthy reasons for visiting this wonderful destination.


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Chiang Khan was selected in the 2020
Sustainable Destinations Top 100

Within 2025, Chiang Khan will become a world-class tourist destination that strengthen the conservation of local culture, unique products, beautiful attractions, and resulting in a fair distribution of income with participatory sustainable tourism management. With the main commitment to sustainability, together we truly manage sustainable tourism and support tourist attractions with responsible tourism impression under the participation of all sectors. By integrating cooperation in the development of tourist attractions, Chiang Khan keeps creating a balance between the economy, culture, society, and environment as well as maintaining the identity and culture that impresses tourists and able to practice. For example, the Mekong river pathway was awarded in Universal Design Place of 2019 on “Friendly design on tourist destination” from Thailand Friendly Design Foundation. Moreover, the destination was awarded as the outstanding performance in Tourism Promotion as a town of arts and culture. Conclusively, Chiang Khan will be an impeccable model for sustainable tourism that has been recognized with global standards.

Chiang Khan has been evaluated on the Green Destinations Core Criteria. Check out their scorecard to see their performance on each criterion.


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