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Nan Old City

Why visit Nan Old City

Nan City is nestled in a verdant valley in northern Thailand along the border with Laos. Nan, The living old cities, is a small city that marvelously survive and continue its values of culture, tradition, religion, and history, inherited from generation to generation. Extensively-inherited beliefs, traditions, and norms unify local people on restoring and conserving their valuably cultural heritages such as ancient sites, antiques, and significant religious places. Nan old city has a relaxed charm, an interesting history, impressive temples, and a museum. A quiet and tranquil city, Nan is famous among Thai tourists and begins to be known among foreign visitors. It is high season is during October – February (Thailand’s winter time).


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Nan Old City was selected in the 2020
Sustainable Destinations Top 100

Due to the size of destinations and population, sustainability is an inevitable path for Nan old city for the sake of tourism development. The existence of DASTA, an governmental organization who is directly responsible for sustainable tourism development, in Nan old city, is a clear message that how the destination focuses in sustainability. DASTA also applies GSTC criteria as a guideline to build up framework in planning stage until implementation stage. Last year, Nan old city has done destination assessment with GSTC methodology. The result is very satisfied because there is no red level at all, and there is a lot of criteria which are in green level. In term of sustainability related achievement, Nan municipality was awarded No.1 ASEAN Clean Tourist City from ASEAN in 2018, and ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities (ESC) Awards from ASEAN in 2017. In term of tourism related achievement, Nan Municipality received Thailand Tourism Awards (Kinnaree Awards) by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Best Tourism Destination Category in 2019.

Nan Old City has been evaluated on the Green Destinations Core Criteria. Check out their scorecard to see their performance on each criterion.


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