Introduction of Virus Awareness
for a smart post-corona recovery

Why this initiative?

The is fully committed to a smart and fast recovery of our destinations. Because businesses play a vital role in the local economy, we try to find a way on how we can best support them. Therefore, we are introducing the Virus Aware Seal.

The target group of this pilot project are hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and possibly airports. Several National Tourism Boards have introduced certifications for tourism businesses. They have effective measures in place against virus transmission, enabling them to inform their clients better. This pilot project will build upon this ongoing experience.

While some destinations has lifted some measures locally, virologists still warn travellers on the COVID-19. It may break out for a longer period of time. Perhaps until a vaccine is operational. Many people will look for safe and quiet places to visit for vacation. First close to home and then gradually further away. Being able to offer a safe space can be decisive for the survival of the business.

What are the benefits of Virus Aware Seal?

Better trusted by visitors

A Virus-Aware label can better protect hotel and restaurant staff because it reminds guests to take all required precautions.

The first ones to profit after recovery

Businesses that have obtained the Good Travel Seal will be featured in the If a destination commits to help create a page on the website, checked Virus-Aware businesses will also be mentioned.

What is the idea?

Businesses that participate in the Good Travel Seal certification can also apply for Virus Aware Seal. When the result is sufficient, they will get a Good Travel Seal and a Virus-Aware Seal without extra cost. To ensure the validity of the Virus Aware Seal over time, we will audit businesses based on two scenarios: (1) country in status of alert or (2) country with no status of alert.

Virus Aware Seal

How does it work?

There are three levels of Virus Aware Seal. However since Virus-Awareness is part of our responsible tourism concept, businesses cannot only participate in the Virus-Aware assessment. But businesses that don’t fully qualify for the Good Travel Seal can still obtain a Virus-Aware certificate.

In relation with the Good Travel Seal, please observe the table below:
Virus Aware Seal

Both a Good Travel Seal and a Virus Aware Seal will have a 1-page summary that you can use to inform your clients. The Virus Aware certificate will show your effort against virus transmission.

The certificate will display the Virus Aware Seal level that you get alongside these information:

We will evaluate the list of measures after the pilot phase. It will adapt the UNWHO recommendations for minimising the transmission of viruses (incl. COVID-19 and flu).

What does it cost?

The Virus Aware Seal will be a free add-on to the Good Travel certification.

We do not want to make money on the virus crisis which is hitting the businesses so hard already. For that reason, we will also waive the fee for the Good Travel Seal certification in QualityCoast and Green Destinations as long as the COVID crisis continues in the destination.

Virus-Aware… why not Virus-Free?

It is impossible to guarantee the absence of malign viruses. We can only reduce the risk by increasing awareness; by cleaning and distancing.

If people are more aware on how to protect themselves against the seasonal flu, perhaps COVID-19 would not have become such a disaster. It gets worse because most people are not aware enough of virus.

This certification is aimed to help us against all possible malign viruses, now and in the future.


Businesses in QualityCoast or Green Destinations will have priority. Registration will be part of the Good Travel Seal certification.