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Introduction of Virus-Awareness
for a smart post-corona recovery

Why this initiative?

The Good Travel Guide is fully committed to a smart and fast recovery of our destinations. Because businesses play a vital role in the local economy of destinations, we have investigated how we can best support them. Therefore, we have introduced the “Virus-Aware” certification for all tourism-related businesses.

Several National Tourism Boards have introduced certifications for tourism businesses. They have effective measures in place against virus transmission, enabling them to inform their clients better. This project will build upon this ongoing experience.

While some destinations have lifted certain measures locally, virologists still warn travelers about the risks of COVID-19. This is likely to be an issue for a longer period of time, perhaps until a vaccine is operational. Many people will look for safe and quiet places to visit on vacation. At first close to home and then gradually further away. Being able to offer a safe space can be essential for the survival of a tourism business.

What are the benefits of the Virus-Aware Seal?

More trusted by visitors

A Virus-Aware label can help protect hotel, restaurant and other staff because it reminds guests to take all required precautions.

The first to profit after recovery

Businesses that have obtained the Virus-Aware Seal will be featured in the Good Travel Guide.

What is the idea?

To ensure the validity of the Virus-Aware Seal over time, we will audit businesses based on two scenarios: (1) country in status of alert or (2) country with no status of alert.

Virus Aware Seal

How does it work?

There are three levels of the Virus-Aware Seal.

In relation with the Good Travel Seal, please observe the table below:
Virus Aware Seal

If you pass the Virus-Aware certification, you will receive a certificate as well as a score card. The score card will show guests your dedication and efforts against virus transmission.

Virus-Aware certificate

Virus-Aware score card

The Virus-Aware Seal will demonstrate, among other things, that your business has achieved the following:

Virus-Aware… why not Virus-Free?

It is impossible to guarantee the absence of malign viruses. We can only reduce the risk by increasing awareness; through hygiene and distancing.

If people were more aware of how to protect themselves against the seasonal flu, perhaps COVID-19 would not have become such a disaster. It has gotten worse because most people lacked awareness regarding the spread of viruses.

This certification is aimed to help us against all possible malign viruses, now and in the future.

Businesses with the Virus-Aware Seal

Virus-Aware Committed, Checked and Certified businesses will be findable on this page. When the destination is committed to help create a page in the Good Travel Guide, businesses that have obtained Virus-Aware Seal will also be mentioned in that webpage.

As an example, please have a look at the Good Travel Guide page of Bonaire and Sint Eustatius.

VIP Diving Bonaire

VIP Diving,
Virus-Aware Certified

Villa Carina Apartments

Villa Carina Apartments,
Virus-Aware Checked

Harbour Village, Bonaire

Harbour Village,
Virus-Aware Checked

Golden Rock Dive Center, St Eustatius

Golden Rock Dive Center,
St Eustatius
Virus-Aware Committed

Papaya Inn

Papaya Inn,
St Eustatius
Virus-Aware Committed

Unspoiled Queen Massage

Unspoiled Queen Massage & Wellness, Saba
Virus-Aware Committed


Businesses in QualityCoast or Green Destinations will have priority.


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