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Magnolia Days and “Tourist Flower”

Tivat Palih Boraca 19, Tivat

As part of the event “Magnolia Days” there is a traditional action “Tourist Flower” organized by the Tivat Tourist Organization. The action aims to animate citizens to contribute to the horticultural design of the city.

Festa del Mercat a la Plaça

Festa del Mercat a la Plaça Pl. de l'Ajuntament 6 2ª Planta, Amposta

Festa del Mercat a la Plaça is a historical re-creation party to commemorate the life of the capital of Montsià at the beginning of the 20th century. The reference years that are taken range from the end of the 19th century to the 20th of the 20th century. The festival activities includes parades, concerts by music bands, choirs, traditional games, […]

The Octave celebration

Meerssen Limburg

Two holy miracles that are connected with the Basilica are commemorated each year during the annual Octave celebration in Meerssen. The opening of the Octave is always held on the Sunday after Pentecost, when processions to and from the Basilica are held over the course of eight days (hence the name 'Octave'). All South Limburg locals and pilgrims from all […]

Žućenica Fest

Tivat Palih Boraca 19, Tivat

At this festival of gastronomy and folk art, visitors are able to taste dishes made of "Zucenica" or chicory, coastal wild edible plant. Be sure to visit Žućenica Fest if you happen to be in Tivat on early June!

Meeste tantsupidu – Estonian Mendance Festival 4 Brothers


Folk dance is promoted and honored by the local Men's Dance Festival, which takes place in Rakvere every five years (2021 – "4 Brothers"). The event has received international attention and is loved. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the first men's dance festival. The Festival included boys and men from all age groups and walks of life.

Linnapäevad – Rakvere City Festival


Every year, the city's birthday is celebrated in June with Linnapäevad – Rakvere City Festival. The City Festival include a fair, various cultural and sporting events, and activities for all ages. This year will be Rakvere's 719th birthday.

Street Art Festival Stencibility

Salme 18 Salme 18, Tartu

Tartu is renowned for its outstanding street art and for the festival "Stencibility“ that unites the artists and the audience, raising the community's awareness and bringing attention to urban art. The festival, which enriches the cityscape with high-quality art, is not only creating new street art but also promoting it through active participation via photo contests, lectures, film programmes, city […]

Solstice celebration

Skanzen Modrá

The summer solstice includes many traditions and customs. The solstice has long been celebrated around the world, regardless of culture. The Modrá Open-Air Museum has been celebrating it for 14 years.

Tartu City Day

Tartu Tartu

June 29 is a day of celebration for the city of Tartu, cherishing its history, cultural legacy and achievements in various areas from science and architecture to music and theatre. For the last few years, the performing arts have been the centre of attention, creating a mini-festival day of opera and beautiful, occasionally unusual forms of classical music.

Tivat Cultural Summer – PURGATORIES

Tivat Palih Boraca 19, Tivat

The Tivat cultural summer has been especially interesting in recent years, because during the festival, visitors, including a large number of local and foreign guests, can see very good theater pieces and performances, most of which were produced by the Tivat Cultural Center. The largest number of performances takes place on the Tivat summer stage, located in the summer house […]

Pärnu Hanseatic Days


History is a storyteller of long ago times. Pärnu Hanseatic Days Festival gives us a look back into the past. Let’s go back to our roots. We’ll go to the wisdom filled rocks. Medieval customs, ethnic crafts, ancient skills and spiritual wealth! Come to buy and sell, to learn and to teach. Listen to enchanting musical rhythms, dance crazy dances during […]

AgitÁgueda – Art Festival

Águeda Praça do Município, Águeda

This festival of Águeda started back in 2006, combining street animation with the celebration of the World Cup. The festival had various concerts and different animations provided by local associations and took a big turn in 2012, with the installation of the Umbrella Sky Project. Since then, the festival grew, adding national and international music performances, new street animation like […]


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