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Tivat Cultural Summer – PURGATORIES

Tivat Palih Boraca 19, Tivat

The Tivat cultural summer has been especially interesting in recent years, because during the festival, visitors, including a large number of local and foreign guests, can see very good theater pieces and performances, most of which were produced by the Tivat Cultural Center. The largest number of performances takes place on the Tivat summer stage, located in the summer house […]

AgitÁgueda – Art Festival

Águeda Praça do Município, Águeda

This festival of Águeda started back in 2006, combining street animation with the celebration of the World Cup. The festival had various concerts and different animations provided by local associations and took a big turn in 2012, with the installation of the Umbrella Sky Project. Since then, the festival grew, adding national and international music performances, new street animation like […]

Bowling Olympics

Tivat Palih Boraca 19, Tivat

An interesting sporting traditional event held in Tivat in the summer (July / August). It is specific and attractive because of the old folk rules of the game, and therefore is a tourist attraction. In addition to the competitors from Tivat, competitors from many other cities from Montenegro as well as from abroad take part in the Tivat Bowling Olympics. […]

Veligrad: A historical battle from the time of Great Moravia

Skanzen Modrá

Veligrad – a historical battle from the time of Great Moravia – will showcase combat demonstrations, falconry performances, crafts, archery, period market, competitions for both children and adults and much more! The highlight of the program is the reconstruction of the Great Moravian Battle.

The Charlemagne Preuve Festijn

Meerssen Limburg

The Charlemagne Preuve Festijn is a spectacular culinary event that is free to the public. It is held annually on the market square in Meerssen, at the foot of the beautiful Basilica. The festival includes music and entertainment and takes place in August.

Kaributo Shrine Festival

Niseko Town 218番地 Hondori, 字 Niseko, Abuta District, Niseko

During the annual Kaributo Shrine festival in August, a parade of residents carry shrines through the Niseko Town and perform a traditional dance. You may even be able to catch a glimpse of performers dressed up in "Akasaka-yakko", a traditional costume that has been passed on through generations by the preservation committee.

Honey and mead day

Skanzen Modrá

Honey and mead day is a festival in Skanzen Modrá that includes honey fair, fairy tales for children, and archery for the title "Modřanské žihadlo". The competition involves the traditional beating of butter. The program for children and adults is complemented by a honey menu throughout the complex.

Delta Birding Festival

MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre Parcela 7 Carretera del Poblenou del Delta a les Salines, Amposta

An event of international impact focused on birds, nature and its conservation. A wide and attractive program of activities with lectures, courses, workshops, contests and others coupled with a large fair of products and services for the birder and people who enjoy nature as a whole. The Delta Birding Festival will take place in MónNatura Delta a set of facilities […]

Pärdi muusikapäevad – Arvo Pärt music days


Classical music festival dedicated to most performed composer Arvo Pärt. Every year in September Arvo Pärt Music days are organized in honor of composer Arvo Pärt, an honorary citizen of Rakvere. There is a monument for Arvo Pärt on our City Center.

Jesen u Lici: Autumn in Lika


Jesen u Lici (Autumn in Lika) is a cultural and tourist event in Lika, which has been held for over 20 years the first weekend in October. This event is also an exhibition of traditional and agricultural products as it brings together only local producers, mostly from Lika, but also gives local producers from other destinations in Croatia the opportunity […]

Doburoku Festival

Shirakawa-go Iijima, Shirakawa

Every year from October 14 to 19, the Doburoku Festival is held in Shirakawa-go to pray to the mountain gods for a good harvest, safety in the home, and peace in the village, by making and offering “Doburoku (home-brewed sake)”. The joy and excitement of the festival, where rituals are performed at shrines in each district and Doburoku is served […]


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