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Travel, tourism and the corona crisis

We first developed the idea of “good travel” website in 2019. Now we are making the first pages, it is such a strange time to promote travel. We have always thought about “good tourism” in terms of responsible and sustainable, but now health & safety has become number 1.

Obviously, while the coronavirus tragedy is still unfolding, our hearts go out to those who see their loved ones suffer or pass away. And to our colleagues who worked hard for sustainable tourism and whose businesses are now in deep trouble. With even more dedication than before we will feature them in this website and hope for better times to come soon.

Tourism will return, but probably closer to home as long as the world is not safe for travelers and even residents. National authorities’ will need to show commitment to full transparency, safety, responsibility, crisis resilience and preparedness, and more. And destinations will need to provide reliable and actual information on health risks to travelers.

There are important lessons to be learned, definitely from Taiwan. We are now engaged in international discussions on these lessons and how to prepare for a recovery of tourism in a better way than before.

More on that later. Please bear with us.

The Good Travel Guide Team

Recommended Countries

Travelling responsibly

Are you ready for responsible tourism?

Many travellers say they want to travel more sustainably, but don't know how. This guide aims to give you good information. We only recommend destinations and businesses that are independently checked and approved.

For businesses we are introducing a new certification: the Good Travel Seal. This makes it possible to only include truly responsible offer in this guide and no 'greenwashing'.

Why this Guide?

By developing this Guide we hope to make our small contribution to solve the climate crisis, the plastic problem and overtourism disrupting local communities. We start creating a catalogue of verified sustainable locations and businesses, recognized by independent organisations. This way we hope to present you with ways to travel for a positive impact.

Add your place

Is your (private) destination or tourism business sustainable and responsible? Then it can be featured in this Guide. If your place is not yet "certified", we can recommend a suitable sustainability program for you. Contact us for further information!

Travel GOOD or not at all

Airlines ask us to pay a small amount for carbon offsetting, usually to plant small trees with little CO2-impact... while millions of big trees are burnt and cut down by criminals and mismanagement every year. Keen to compensate your travel footprint more effectively? We are selecting projects that truly decrease the climate emergency. More soon.


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