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How was it like to travel in Europe in Summer 2021?

© Good Travel Guide, September 2021

Summer 2021 was a summer much expected with high hopes to be able to travel again almost as before the Covid crisis. Between the happiness of travelling again, visiting friends and family, and discovering new places and the worries and concerns regarding restrictions and uncertainty, let’s see how it was like to travel in Europe this summer. 

In 2021, the preparation of a trip in another country needs to be carefully thought through. It is not possible anymore to take your suitcase or backpack and jump on the first train or plane. A close look at travel restrictions to enter the country has to be taken as each of them has a different policy. Going abroad in times of covid is indeed full of hurdles with covid tests, forms to fill in with personal information, vaccines, isolation, without forgetting the cost these restrictions imply. Some people have changed their way of preparing the trip or of travelling by booking refundable options in case the trip has to be cancelled or by travelling by train to avoid the extra stress of airport security. Within the country as well, wearing a mask or not, being able to enter a restaurant or to party are questions travellers need to research on. 

However, most people agree that the pre-travel anxiety goes away once in the destination. Some of them even find positive aspects with the ability to continue working abroad while travelling. We are becoming accustomed to respecting curfews, wearing masks and trying to stay outside as much as possible. 

Although stress can be felt before travelling because of heavy preparation needed and a constant fear until the last minute the trip would have to be canceled, it is still possible to enjoy great holidays in a destination and people have enjoyed it in summer 2021. Read more about it in Euronews.  


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