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Why visit Baiona

Baiona is a small town, in the north-west of Spain, where the best of the sea and the mountains are perfectly combined. We are a tourist town but we have not lost our identity: we respect our history, our culture, our architecture and our nature above all.
We have a rich gastronomy based on seafood. Our tourism industry is made up of small companies where quality prevails. In Baiona you will enjoy the tranquility of our streets, the calm of our beaches and the beauty of our landscape.
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After visiting us you will have many stories to tell.
When you arrive in Baiona the first time, you will know that you will return.

Culture & Local Life

In Baiona tourism is integrated into local life. We do not have "tourist areas". The beaches, the walks, the bars will be frequented by tourists and locals. We have an important historical and cultural heritage. One of Cristobal Colon's caravels arrived in Baiona in 1493, making us the first port in Europe to know about the existence of America. Walking through Baiona you will discover the trace of that past. We have a historic center full of monuments, a walled fortress and endless parties and activities to enjoy our culture and heritage.


Baiona shows a long standing commitment to quality tourism and it actively supports certification of local touristic enterprises. Being a coastal destination, it has two first beaches in Galicia (Os Frades and A Ribeira) that became smoke-free. Currently, all of its beaches are declared smoke –free. Many resources are destined for the improvement of garbage collection and waste management, protection of nature and urban impact, and we are working in constant communication with citizens, the business sector, groups and associations. Tourism management is based too on the control and monitoring of the opinion of visitors and residents.

Health and Safety

SICTED certification, implemented in more than 40 companies in Baiona, has launched a specific guide to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the different trades, with advice and individual evaluations. In addition, the Spanish Institute for Quality has also produced free guides and the regional government of Galicia has created a telephone and online information office to help companies in the implementation of security measures and solve doubts. Local Government has established the pedestrian one-way street on the Paseo Monte Boi to avoid the meeting of people in narrow places. Other actions are planned in different sensitive areas in anticipation of a future increase in the influx of people.

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Good Practice Story

Since the pandemic began, there has been an increase in people whose
economic situation has worsened. This is aggravated by the fact that the main economic sector in Baiona is tourism, the one hardest hit by the health and economic crisis.

Given the uncertainty of how long the pandemic will last and how the tourism sector will recover and, with it, the local economy, it is considered necessary to implement
this initiative to be prepared for possible problems that may happen in the
future. Read more to discover how Baiona deal with the Culture & Communities issues during pandemic.

Nature & Wildlife

In Baiona, nature becomes one of the most important pillars of our city, which is composed by sea and mountain landscapes. Visitors can travel around our 14 km of coastline by walking or cycling.

On one hand, the sea offers different kind of activities, such as walks parallel to beaches or several water sports: sailing, windsurf, paddle surf, rowing, diving. On the other hand, you can also experience the wonderful mountain, from where you can find some great viewpoints over the bay and where wild horses live in total freedom. Furthermore, Baiona has routes and paths which allow tourists to enjoy not only both nature and our ethnographic heritage, but also mill trails or the rock art site Outeiro dos Lameiros.

Getting there

To begin on your green holiday in Baiona, there is a public bus service which connects Baiona with other cities at their disposal. One of the most important destinations is Vigo. In order to encourage people to use public transport, a regional transport card has been created. With this document, people over the age of 20 can obtain significant discounts in each trip. To the contrary, teenagers younger than 20 years old travel for free.

Getting around

Additionally, Baiona has a promenade with a cycle path along its entire length. Such paths were built so that people park on the outskirts of the village and, by doing this, try to reduce traffic congestion of the city centre. Similarly, our historical centre constitutes a totally pedestrian area and certain semi pedestrian streets in which traffic is controlled.

Travel Tips from our Editor

Typical Baiona

Before lunch or dinner drink a wine (or whatever you want) and eat a “tapa” in our old town, mix with our people and enjoy our traditions.


The Virgin of the Rock

Don’t miss one of the most peculiar monuments of the country located in Baiona: the Virgin of the Rock. The 15-meter-high statue representing the Virgin Mary holding a boat in her hand. Through a stone staircase inside, you can access this viewpoint from where the views towards Baiona, the bay and the Atlantic Ocean are spectacular.

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Enjoy the Sunset

From the beaches of A Concheira and Frades, from the Paseo Monte Boi or from the Fortress, stop and watch the sun go down. The colors of the sky projected into the ocean will surprise you.

Sustainability Recognitions


The Baiona is selected in Top 100 Sustainable Good Practice Story 2021.

quality coast gold award

In 2013 and 2016 & 2022 Baiona received the first QualityCoast Gold Award in Galicia. In 2014 and 2016, Baiona was awarded the third best destination in tourism quality in Spain.

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